I. General Security Information

SUNY Brockport is a public institution. In 2022, 5,149 undergraduates and 1,277 graduate students were enrolled at SUNY Brockport. Approximately more than 1,752 undergraduate students resided in 11 residence halls and 1 student townhomes complex on the main campus. In Fall 2022, SUNY Brockport employed 1,280 faculty and staff. Students, faculty, employees, and members of the public have access to academic, recreational and administrative facilities on campus during regular hours of operation. Access to the residence halls, however, is limited to students and their guests, pursuant to the visitor/guest procedures (refer to Residential Life/Learning Communities Web page). Access to the residence halls by SUNY Brockport employees is on an “as needed” basis and is strictly controlled. University Police regularly patrols the campus, walking through campus buildings, including residence halls and academic buildings, and driving and biking throughout the campus. To report any crimes or suspicious circumstances, please call University Police, at (585) 395-2226.


All members of the campus community are urged to report criminal incidents, emergencies, and suspicious activity. SUNY Brockport encourages every member of the campus community to report a crime promptly to University Police. The campus emergency number is (585) 395-2222 and this should be used for all fire, medical and police emergencies. All reports are classified, logged, and responded to appropriately.

University Police may also be reached by using campus blue-light emergency phones, which are located throughout campus, or the residence hall door phones, located at the main entrance of each residence hall, except for Eagle Hall and the Townhomes. Upon receipt of a call, University Police officers are dispatched immediately to the site, and will later prepare and submit incident reports that the University keeps on file.

For employees and students living off campus, crimes and emergencies should be reported by calling 9-1-1.
Students may use the Eagle Guardian application to call University Police or 9-1-1 or to make a non-emergency report.

The following departments, offices, and SUNY Brockport officials are Campus Security Authorities (CSA’s) and are obligated to report Clery-reportable crimes to University Police.

  • University Police, (585) 395-2226
  • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, (585) 395-2137
  • Office of Student Conduct, (585) 395-2122
  • Hazen Center for Integrated Care, (585) 395-2414
  • Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities (585) 395-2122
  • Title IX Coordinator, (585) 395-5066 and Deputy Coordinator, (585) 395-5042
  • Office of Student Union Leadership and Activities, (585) 395-5646
  • Office of Campus Recreation, (585) 395-2681
  • International Education Department, (585) 395-2119
  • Athletic Department, (585) 395-5959
  • Executive Director of REOC (585) 327-4069
  • Facility Coordinator at Brockport Downtown (585) 395-8482

Campus Security Authorities receive Clery training about their obligations to report certain crimes and SUNY Brockport’s obligation to comply with the law.

Victims may report a crime on a voluntary, confidential basis to Hazen Center for Integrated Care Counseling and/or Student Health. Campus Security Authorities at Hazen Center for Integrated Care will report the crime to University Police without disclosing any personally identifying information, for the purpose of compiling statistics pursuant to the Clery Act. Incidents of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, may also be reported to RESTORE (Rape Crisis Service), which is confidential, at (585) 546-2777, a 24/7 hotline services. Reports of gender-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking, may be made at the following web page.


In the event of a crime or emergency that poses an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus community or requires evacuation of the campus, SUNY Brockport may issue a “Campus Safety Alert” or an “Emergency Notification Message.” Similarly, the University will issue a “Timely Warning” to alert the campus community of certain crimes in a manner that is timely, to enable people to protect themselves. Timely warnings will be issued to the entire campus community as soon as pertinent information is known, whereas Campus Safety Alerts and Emergency Notifications will be prepared and distributed to the affected area(s) of the campus community. Timely warnings, Campus Safety Alerts and Emergency Notifications will be prepared and distributed via one or more of the following methods:

  • The RAVE mass notification system, which sends alerts via voice mail, text, and e-mail
  • The campus-wide Emergency Voice Notification System
  • The University’s Website at www.brockport.edu
  • WBSU 89.1FM, The Point;
  • Campus e-mail service;
  • Campus broadcast message via telephone voice mail.

The decision to activate one or more of these Emergency Notification systems is made in consultation with the appropriate campus officials (Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Chief of University Police, Emergency Manager, Director of Physical Plant, Director of Environmental Health and Safety) or their designees, based upon their existing knowledge of the nature and scope of the emergency. Information concerning an actual or potential emergency may be discussed among various campus officials, as well as with outside municipal or governmental authorities. Factors that will be considered in arriving at such a decision include a confirmation that a serious emergency situation exists, a determination of which segments of the campus community must be warned, a determination of the content of the warning, and a decision regarding what notification method(s) will be utilized. Emergency information will also be disseminated to the surrounding community by the Assistant Vice President for Communications, utilizing SUNY Brockport’s Website, WBSU 89.1FM, The Point, WHAM Radio (1180AM) and/or WHAM Television (Channel 13).

When such an Emergency Notification is deemed to be necessary, the notification is sent without delay, unless, in the professional judgment of the responsible campus official(s), the sending of such a notification may compromise efforts to resolve the emergency or to assist/rescue a victim.

The availability and potential use of emergency notification/evacuation procedures are publicized annually to the campus community via e-mail messages, the Banner Campus Information System and SUNY Brockport’s Website. Both announced and unannounced tests of these systems are conducted at least annually, and records of the tests are maintained by SUNY Brockport’s Emergency Manager. These records include a description of each test, the date and time it was conducted, and whether it was announced or unannounced.

The University’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is tested (and/or reviewed) following planned exercises or actual events that impact the campus.

In 2022, a tabletop exercise was held, involving several areas of the University, including: Residential Life/Learning Communities, Facilities, Hazen Center for Integrated Care, University Police, and University Communications. This planned exercise scenario involved a student’s suicide on campus and the response of the departments that participated in the exercise. The plan tested campus response, communications, and recovery.

In addition, in 2022 a discussion based voluntary seminar for all faculty and staff titled, “Response to Active Shooter and Aggressive Deadly Behavior” was held. University Police and Emergency Management presented, reviewed, and discussed the University’s “Active Shooter and Aggressive Deadly Behavior Plan Annex” to educate attendees about the public safety response to an active shooter or aggressive attack on campus.


Campus safety and security are coordinated by University Police, which has a force of 16 sworn police officers with full arrest powers, including a University Police Chief. As an armed police department, patrol members respond to all emergencies.

State University of New York police officers must meet the highest standards in New York State for law enforcement officers. All officers have successfully completed a basic police training program administered by the State University at the New York State Police Academy in Albany, NY or a local regional police academy, and undergo continuous training to maintain and upgrade their skills. Officers have been trained in emergency medical procedures and first aid. They conduct foot, bike and vehicular patrols throughout the campus, including residence hall areas, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pursuant to New York State Education Law §355 (2)(l), SUNY Brockport police officers preserve law and order on the campus and other SUNY Brockport property, including any portion of a public highway which crosses or abuts property of SUNY Brockport. The objective of the University Police Department is to provide a safe environment for teaching, research and social endeavors, and to protect the lives and property of the students, employees and visitors of SUNY Brockport. This objective is pursued within the framework of State University rules and regulations, and all local, state and federal laws. The investigation of crimes committed on the campus falls under the jurisdiction of the University Police Department. University Police also work closely with the Brockport Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. SUNY Brockport entered into written Memoranda of Understanding with these agencies, which detail areas of responsibility and specifically reference the cooperative investigative efforts to be undertaken in serious felony and missing student cases.


The University Police Department also maintains a daily log of crimes and incidents that occur on campus, which is available to the public The log includes the date, time, general location, and disposition of the complaint. This daily log is available on the University Police website and in person at the at the University Police Department. Please note that entries or updates are generally made within two business days after an event is reported. Incidents or situations deemed to pose a threat to the campus community are logged as soon as possible. While most events are logged, the chief of University Police may classify an incident as “confidential” to prevent a criminal investigation from being compromised or to prevent the disclosure of a victim’s identity.


Members of the campus community are urged to secure their valuables and be aware of their surroundings. To assist in this endeavor, University Police hold educational programs each semester on a variety of topics, including personal safety awareness and security, rape awareness training, operation ID, and anti-theft programs. SUNY Brockport regularly provides information on safety and security via seminars, crime alerts, posters, brochures, Daily Eagle, and The Stylus, and provides this information upon request to students and employees. During new student orientation and Welcome Week, SUNY Brockport presents programs that address sexual assault prevention and education (College Life Live, EagleCHECK Bystander Training), fire safety and other personal safety topics.

Students are also informed of many personal safety services available on campus, which include campus safety escort, sexual assault counseling, mental health services, emergency medical care, operation identification, and community education and policing program. To help reduce campus crime, a University Police officer is assigned to each residence hall/living learning community to promote community policing. The officer liaison meets with students regularly to provide information, resolve situations, and lend assistance face to face. Additionally, University Police bicycle patrol officers provide another form of person-to-person contact on campus.

Fulfilling the New York State Education Law, Article 129-A, Section 6431 mandate, SUNY Brockport has a Personal Safety Committee that meets on a quarterly basis and is charged with providing oversight to SUNY Brockport’s sexual assault prevention, education, and response efforts. An annual report with recommendations to enhance personal safety is presented to the SUNY Brockport administration.

In addition, the Office of Facilities and Planning maintains the campus buildings and grounds with a concern for safety and security. It inspects campus facilities regularly, promptly makes repairs affecting safety and security, and responds promptly to reports of potential safety and security hazards, such as broken windows and locks. Those who have concerns about the physical safety of campus buildings and grounds, may call the Office of Facilities and Planning at (585) 395-2408. For emergencies that occur during non-business hours, University Police may be called at (585) 395-2222.

The SUNY Brockport campus is well-lit and is routinely monitored for safety and security. There are 47 blue-light emergency telephones strategically located throughout the campus, which are connected directly to University Police. The campus has over 300 security cameras installed throughout the campus, including, building exteriors, common spaces within residence halls, dining halls, and academic buildings. All security cameras are monitored, using a single platform, and may be monitored by University Police, only.


The Brockport Village Police and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department notify University Police about criminal activity involving students at off-campus locations and may assist University Police, as needed. Students involved in off-campus situations involving alcohol/drug offenses, sexual misconduct or other criminal activities may be referred to the student conduct system. SUNY Brockport does not have any off-campus student housing.