Dispatch unit


Communications and Security Specialists provide communications services to University Police Departments throughout the State University of New York. Their primary responsibility is to function as a desk officer, dispatcher, and 911 operator. In this capacity they may be required to operate radio receiver and broadcast equipment, telephone equipment, the EJustice terminal equipment or other similar equipment, personal computers, closed circuit television systems, and electronic security systems.

University Police cars

Patrol Unit 

The most visible component of the University Police Department is the patrol officers. Our patrol officers are dedicated to maintaining a positive educational environment for the SUNY Brockport community. One of the primary responsibilities of our officers is conducting high-visibility patrol using marked police cars, mountain bikes, and patrolling on foot. This helps serve as a deterrent to criminal activity and allows officers to be accessible to members of the community.

Patrol officers respond to crimes in progress, fire alarms, traffic accidents, reports of suspicious activity, and requests for assistance ranging from medical emergencies to motorist assists. These officers conduct investigations of all crimes reported on campus and assist with reports off campus when requested. Officers are also responsible for vehicle and traffic enforcement. To help combat drivers who operate while impaired by a controlled substance the University Police Department has added a drug recognition expert (DRE) to its ranks.

Students with members of the bike patrol unit

Bike Patrol 

The University Police Department has operated a bike patrol since 1994. Several officers have been certified through the New York State certification program. The program is a 40-hour training course that includes bike familiarization, handling skills, basic mechanics, traffic safety, suspect contacts, and a firearms course involving bicycle use. The bike patrol allows officers to be visible in high pedestrian areas and generally makes them more approachable. 

Office Johnson and Ellie of the K9 unit

K-9 Unit

Explosive Detection K9 Team was added to our unit in June 2020. This unit is staffed by one handler and her K9 partner – Ellie. Ellie is a yellow lab that is certified in explosive and nitrate detection, as well as missing/lost persons and building searches. 

Members of the crisis intervention team posing with their certificates

Crisis Intervention Team 

Our team has both lieutenants and officers that are certified members of our Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). The CIT members have undergone training in identifying and addressing serious mental illness. CIT’s are designed to reduce stigmatization around mental illness, and direct individuals with mental illness to needed treatment programs and away from arrest. The goals are to reduce police officers’ injuries, reduce arrests of individuals with mental illness, minimize officers’ use of force, and increase mentally ill individuals’ diversion from the criminal justice system and their access to mental health services. 

Patrol officers near a Saferide vehicle

Escort Service/SafeRide

Students can call the Escort Service/SafeRide at (585) 395-SAFE (7233) and a member of the Student Patrol (available Sunday through Thursday from 8 pm-12 am and Friday through Saturday from 8 pm to 2 am during the academic year) will respond quickly to escort them to their car or residence hall. Outside of the hours of operation listed above, a student may request Escort Service by calling University Police Dispatch at (585) 395-2226, and an officer will respond to their request.

UP officers and students in Bramley Hall

Community Policing

The University Police Department pairs it’s department members with residential buildings on campus whom act as building liaisons. Our hope is to build community partnerships through in person programing that allows students to engage with officers on a personal level as well as provide education through various topics. Our department members often collaborate with the residential life staff in order to implement learning as well as problem solving for on campus problems. If you have an idea for a program or would like to set up a community policing program please reach out to Lt. Burke.

UP Officer helping unlock a car

Vehicle Unlocks

The University Police will perform vehicle unlocks when Parking and Transportation Services is closed, or if it is an emergency (child or pet locked inside). Vehicle unlocks are only performed on campus.

Exterior shot of Tower

Building Unlock Requests

Students must obtain written permission from the chair of their department in order to be permitted into an academic building during closed times. Officers do not perform routine unlocks in residence halls. These requests are referred to Residential Life. Officers will assist and escort the public with proper identification in retrieving property when buildings are closed.

Student patrol officer in a car

Student Patrol

The Student Patrol program allows students to work in the Law Enforcement field and gain valuable life experience while assisting University Police in maintaining a safe and secure campus.