Careers in University Police

Career Opportunities

University Police Officers are responsible for the detection and prevention of crime, and the enforcement of state and local laws, rules and regulations in a diverse educational environment throughout twenty-eight State University of New York campuses. Officers are part of the educational process and teach on such topics as crime prevention, drug awareness, sexual assault, and traffic safety. They develop and maintain a positive relationship with students, faculty, and staff in order to ensure the safety and cooperation of the entire campus community.

To become a University Police Officer, a person must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Must not have reached their 35th birthday
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be a New York State resident
  • Have completed 60 hours of college credits
  • Two years of active military service with an honorable discharge may be substituted for 30 of the 60 credit hours
  • Possess a valid NYS driver license
  • Pass a written civil service exam and be reachable
  • Pass a physical agility test (includes but not limited to: sit-ups, push-ups, 1.5 mile run)
  • Pass a medical examination
  • Have binocular acuity of 20/30 corrected or no less than 20/100 uncorrected
  • Pass a psychological examination
  • Pass an extensive background investigation
  • Attend and successfully complete the police academy
  • Complete a probationary period


As an employee of New York State, a State University Police officer is eligible for many benefits. These benefits include:

  • 13 holidays per year
  • 13 to 24 days of annual vacation leave, depending on length of service
  • 5 days of annual personal leave
  • 13 days of annual sick leave
  • Police and Fire Retirement System, 25 year half pay benefit regardless of age
  • Optional Voluntary Defined Contribution Program
  • Choice among several health insurance options
  • Dental and vision coverage is included
  • Optional long-and short-term disability coverage
  • All safety related equipment will be supplied by the University Police
  • Overtime opportunities
  • Shift differential pay
  • Expanded duty pay
  • Pre-shift briefing pay


University Police Communications and Security Specialists (Dispatcher) provide communications, security, and public safety services within a 24/7 operation in the University Police Department at the campuses of the State University of New York. Their primary responsibility is to function as a desk officer, including communication activities such as dispatching and using various databases, online systems, and multiple video sources. University Police Communications and Security Specialist are required to wear uniforms. Where appropriate, they also may perform patrol duties and assist University Police officers.

To become a University Police Communications and Security Specialist, a person must:

  • Pass a written civil service exam and be reachable or;
  • Have one year of full time experience as a police or peace officer or;
  • One year of full time experience as a dispatcher for a public safety agency including fire departments, emergency medical services, or law enforcement or;
  • One year of active service and an honorable discharge from the United States military, where you served as a dispatcher or military police/security personnel or;
  • 30 semester college credit hours from an accredited school
  • Pass a background investigation
  • If appointed to a University Police Communications and Security Specialist position, you must obtain a security guard photo ID from the New York State Department of State within 90 days of appointment

For more information, or for test dates, please refer to the NY State Department of Civil Service website at New York State Civil Service.

Questions regarding your qualifications for examinations can also be directed to the New York State Department of Civil Service at 518-457-2487 or 1-877-NYS-JOBS

Please Note: All hiring pertaining to the aforementioned positions are done off of New York State Civil Service lists.