An officer points to his body cam


University Police Introduces Body Cameras

In September 2018, the University Police Department submitted a Letter of Intent Proposal to the 2019-2020 Investment Fund for Core Needs (IFCN) which outlined a request for funding for Body-Worn Cameras for the officers of the University Police Department. The Letter of Intent indicated that “outfitting the officers of the University Police Department would assist with accurately recording interactions with any student, staff, or faculty member. Having body cameras would allow for a clear and transparent accounting of any and all interactions, traffic stops, etc. that may take place on our campus. The University Police Department respects the privacy of our campus community members and takes pains to balance the privacy against safety needs on campus. Cameras are a tool that will assist University Police in maintaining order and fostering a proper learning environment. Cameras protect campus community members by serving as deterrents to inappropriate action and police officers from false accusations.

On Thursday, February 27, 2020, the formal training/in-service for the University Police Department officers took place with the training representative from the company that University Police purchased the body-worn cameras from. The University Police Department has also issued a formal General Order for its Department officers outlining the guidelines and regulations for use of the body cameras.

We are informing the campus community of the use of body-worn cameras so that they are aware of their implementation as of February 27, 2020. Ultimately, the body-worn cameras will protect and enhance the safety and security of all campus community members, including University Police.

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University Police Body-Worn Camera Frequently Asked Questions