All faculty must have a photograph for their department’s directory. Staff are encouraged to have a photograph if their department or office’s directory uses portraits.

There are two options to post your professional portrait to your department’s website directory. The first is to have your portrait taken by our photographers on campus. This is a free service. From there, our team will upload the portrait onto the site.

The second option is to upload your own photo (that follows our web standards) to your personal profile webpage.

Appropriate Portrait Criteria:

  • Cropped as a portrait
  • Plain background
  • Plain foreground
  • Taken recently
  • Well-lighted
  • Subject is dressed in appropriate work attire

Professional Portrait Size & Crop Specifications

250px x 375px, 2:3 dimension, additional specifications can be found on the images page.

If you have any questions about the specifications, contact Megan Asbeck.

Schedule Your Professional Portrait

Appointments are available to be booked for two weeks at a time. We are located in the Allen Administration Building, Ground Floor Photo Studio.

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