Links vs. Buttons

Tiny Button

Tiny Button Example
Only use when they are for an action item, (i.e. apply, register)
Exceptions: Within design element (i.e. button lists, or within a callout.)

To use: set the class to button in the link dialog box.

Go Links

Go Link Example

  • Do not use in lists with bullets or numbers.
  • Do not use in tables.*
  • Do not use in a sentence or paragraph.

To use: set the class to go in the link dialog box.

They are STAND-ALONE links.
*there are exceptions for go links within tables, but usually that means the page needs to be reworked overall.

Go Tiny Button

Go Tiny Button Example
Do not use. Reserved for action items like applying to the university or requesting information.
Note: there are exceptions for this, but as a general rule just use tiny button. If you think you have an exception, it must by approved by our Web Designer.