Technical Advice

Photos should be saved at appropriate pixel sizes and 72 dpi resolution. Image quality can be set lower than 100 to create even smaller files. You may see significant loss of image quality below 60.

Accessibility Notes

Images must have no text, if there is text it needs to be looked over by the Web Team. Images must have a meaningful alt tag (description) OUCampus enforces this.

Standards Notes

Images must not only adhere to the accessibility notes above, but must also follow the image ratios and sizes laid out below. Images must also be of quality, not stretched, or pixelated. The imagery on our site is colorful and well-lighted, with engaging subject matter. We do not use black and white or sephia toned images.


No logos, except accreditation logos in templated places 200 px wide, if there is one, run it by the Web Designer or email Web Team.

Directory Images / Professional Portraits

Please see our detailed specifications on our portrait specifications page.


Slideshow images are mostly free-reign.

Image Ratio

Most images on the website are either 4:3 or 16:9 ratios. The majority of images are landscape, or horizontally-oriented. This is encouraged over using portrait or vertically-oriented images.

Image Sizes

Here are some of the standard sizes used on the website.

Directory Detail Default Image



Callout Default Image - Single, Double and Three Up



Callout Image Bleed Objects for Carousels



Directory Image Default

250x375 2:3 dimension