Making a Web Request

The Web Team is responsible for making all updates to the SUNY Brockport website using our content management system. While we are tasked with physically making the changes to the website, we need our administrators, faculty, and staff who are the “experts” in their content area to provide us with a strong foundation to begin making the edits to the website.

Our team is comprised of experts in both the technical and content elements of working on the web. We use content and information provided to us by members of the University community as the foundation, then apply best practices for the web and our own university style to finalize edits and content creation in order to provide our audience with concise, useful, and uniform information across our website.

Requesting an Edit/Creating a New Web Page

Every department and office at the University that has a web presence on the University’s website should have a designated point person that has the ability to request an update to Web Team. If your office does not have a designated point person, please reach out to your department chair/director to request the change to the website for you. Your Department Chair/Director has the ability to contact Web Team to change or appoint another faculty/staff member to be their designated web editor.

For most changes, the Web Team will complete the web request within two business days. If they are unable to complete the web request in two business days, they will reach out to you and inform you of the circumstances and a general timeline.

Editing a Current Web page

Follow the procedure below in order to make a request to edit/change the website:

  1. Identify your designated department/office web editor.
  2. Have your designated web editor email with the following information (this is necessary in order for us to make the changes):
    1. URL/link to the web page that you would like updated (e.g. the url of this web page is: (/support/university-communications/web-team/request).
    2. Clearly specify the changes that you would like made to the web page:
      1. Copy the content from the web page you would like to edit and paste it into a Microsoft Word document.
      2. Use red font in order to specify the additions/changes that you would like to make to the web page.
      3. Use red strikethrough to designate content that needs to be completely deleted from a web page.
    3. Please do not use colored text, bolding, or any other types of formatting in the body of your email. The website job ticketing system removes all of that formatting before the update request is  received.
    4. Images that are not in Photoshelter should be sent as attachments to your email request, and not embedded in Word documents.
    5. Attach the actual Microsoft Word document with the designated changes (not a SharePoint link, but the actual document), along with any necessary images (also as attachments), and send the email to

Requesting a New Web page/Website

Follow the procedure below in order to request a new web page/website:

  1. Identify your designated department/office web editor.
  2. Have your designated web editor email with the following information:
    1. A Microsoft Word document/pdf with the content you would like included on the web page (this can be written out, or you can write the important pieces of information in bullet points and a member of our team will create a cohesive and concise web page for you).
    2. A brief description of what the web page is and its purpose on the website.
    3. A link or attachment of any photos you would like to include on the web page (make sure to read our photo guidelines before attaching):
      1. The University’s Photoshelter is a great resource for finding photos taken by our photographers that can be used on the website.
      2. Please do not send SharePoint links to the Web Team. Images that are not in Photoshelter should be sent as attachments to your email request.
  3. Await a response from Web Team on how they will proceed.

Uploading a PDF

All PDFs or other documents to be uploaded to the University’s website need to be emailed to and they should already have been made accessible before sending. Upon receipt, they will be evaluated for accessibility. The timeframe on approving a PDF can vary greatly depending on the size and accessibility issues within the PDF. If you are sending a PDF that you have made accessible, please notify us.

Converting a document into a PDF may impact how it is accessible: if your document has not been converted we ask that you send us the original document file instead — we will evaluate that, and make the pdf as necessary from your accessible document.

The Web Team may decide that the PDF needs to be a web page instead of a PDF for many different reasons. You will be informed of this decision if the team decides to go this route.

Document Accessibility Process