SUNY Brockport engages in social media to communicate with our constituents and showcase life as a Golden Eagle.

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Thinking of launching a social media presence?

If you would like to create a social media campaign or account, please contact Stevie Rudak, University Communication’s Digital Content Specialist, to review best practices before you launch the project.

Want to request an individual post from the University?

Please contact Stevie Rudak, University Communication’s Digital Content Specialist, with a detailed description of what you are looking to accomplish with the post.

Do you already manage social media accounts for your department, office, or organization?

If you post as the official voice of a Brockport department, office or other entity, we encourage you to keep these guidelines in mind:

  • First & foremost: show off Brockport with professionalism, passion & pride. You are now an official voice of the University, and we want your users to see that
  • Be respectful, accurate & honest with all content, replies, private messages, etc.
  • Assume everything you post is permanent. Everything on the internet can be archived. Even if you think you’ve deleted it.
  • Respect the copyright and fair use policies of the social sites you use. If you share someone’s work on your feed, give them credit.
  • Post, and interact CONSISTENTLY. Social media is only as effective as you make it.