Sharing Your Newsletter

Due to accessibility issues, SUNY Brockport will not promote newsletters created by members of the campus community through the Daily Eagle or on our website that are not created in our LiveWhale content management system.

Creating an Accessible Online Newsletter

In order to create an accessible online newsletter that can be shared in the Daily Eagle or on your website, follow the steps below:

  • Reach out to to request access to create newsletters
  • Attend a training that teaches you how to create accessible newsletters in our LiveWhale content management system
  • Create the Newsletter in LiveWhale
  • Share the URL in a Daily Eagle item or reach out to to add your newsletter as a link on your website.

Sharing Your PDF Newsletter

If you are interested in sharing a PDF/JPG/ETC. newsletter you have already created and do not want to go through the process above, you can share the newsletter through the following options to reach a broader audience:

  • Emailing through a Listserv (reach out to IT for more information on this process)
  • Sharing on social media platforms created by your office/department
  • Sharing with an internal audience through personal email