Overview & Process


SUNY Brockport’s Events Calendar is a public events calendar showcasing all of the University’s events in a given timeframe. It serves as an important communication tool for current students, faculty, staff, and the community, informing them of upcoming events and initiatives. Calendar events also provide opportunities for students to get involved and reflect the vibrant student life we embody as a University.


Content for the Events Calendar is sourced directly from LiveWhale events. Students, faculty and staff with a NetID can enter their events into the calendar in one of two ways:

  1. Public “Submit an Event” Form: intended for use by non-trained LiveWhale representatives
  2. For Trained LiveWhale Representatives: by logging into the LiveWhale system and entering the event directly in your group

Questions about calendar events can be directed to Digital Content Specialist, Stevie Rudak, at srudak@brockport.edu.

Best Practices for Events


  • Be clear & concise
  • Suggested maximum character count: 75
    • Tip: use “&” symbol, instead of “and”
  • Avoid acronyms. The general public reading event titles may not be familiar with acronyms. 


  • Include 1-2 sentences detailing the most important takeaways about the event
    • Is it a workshop? Is it an information session? Is it an on-campus event? Is it a meeting? Is it a lecture?
    • What should the audience expect by attending the event?
  • Avoid acronyms
    • Example: Instead of using “OEDI”, use “The Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion”
  • Do not include event date, time, or location.
    • These are listed on the event itself and become repetitive and often make the event summary too lengthy.


  • Elaborate more about your event. Provide full details on lecturers, presenters, professors, groups, etc.
  • Try to stay under 250 words
  • Write in the third person. Details written in the first-person will either not be accepted or edited as appropriate.
  • Make it exciting!
  • Do not include the event date, time, or location
    • These details should already be filled out in the correct areas in LiveWhale


  • If the event is occurring on-campus, type the name of the building in the location box. The dropdown should appear
  • Click on the correct building
  • Place a comma after the building and write the room #:
    • Example: Edwards Hall, Room 100B


  • Include contact person’s name, title, email and/or phone number


  • Flyers are not accessible on the events calendar and therefore not permitted
    • If event flyers are uploaded, they will be deleted from the submission. The event flyer details should already be included in the appropriate fields (event summary, event details, time, location, etc.)
  • Tip: to increase visibility for your event, use a compelling photo from our University’s public photo gallery
    • Find a photo that suits your needs and download the photo using password: brockport