Our Design Process

We encourage members of our community to utilize our office for all your creative needs. Our professional staff of designers are trained to inform, persuade, direct, organize and attract attention with their designs. It is important to reach out to us during the early stages of your project so we can influence the project in a positive way.

If we are unable to meet the deadline requirements or are unable to produce your job in-house, we will let you know up front and will work with you to help identify another resource that can handle your needs.

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Meet Your Designer

All submitted jobs will be assigned to a designer who will work directly with you until the completion of the project.

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Review Your Content

To help expedite the process, please make sure the content you submit when logging a job has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate decision maker(s) within your department

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Creation Begins

Once the job is received, the designer will begin creating the product. During this phase, they will work directly with the person that submitted the job to ensure that the completed project is what was requested.

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Final Approval

Before anything is printed or provided digitally, the person that logged the job will have a chance to look over the product for final approval.