Our Identity

SUNY Brockport’s graphic identity consists of our official logo, seal, and colors. Keeping our graphic identity uniform strengthens the university brand and market recognition for our audience. 
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Log a Job

Our team will create printed pieces, ads, signs, and much more.  Please ensure your content has been approved by the decision-maker before you log in your job.

Our Process

Our design team will directly work with you to turn your vision for a project into a reality while keeping our University’s identity and brand intact. 
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University Style Guide

Usage and style specific to the University are outlined in our University Style Guide. This guide is only meant for use on the University’s website or University publications. For anything not outlined in the style guide, the University defaults to AP Style.

Design Accessibility

Our office creates accessible designs for logged job requests. This includes implementing color contrast standards on all requests and for a tagged PDF to be created for digital usage. Find out more about this process and why it is important for our university community.

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Social Media

See how we use social media to further our institutional goals, and review resources and best practices that other areas of the university can use to engage on social media.