Student Engagement Pillars

Engagement is one of the core values of the University.

The Division of Student Affairs is therefore committed to the growth and success of all students and provides an array of engagement opportunities that instill a sense of belonging and campus pride at Brockport. The framework for the engagement pillars is grounded in the NACE Career Readiness Competencies.

Working collaboratively from entry to exit, students are offered services and programs offered by the Division and our campus partners. The following 5 pillars of engagement provide every student the ability to excel in their leadership potential.

  • Explore: Students are encouraged to explore programs and activities that introduce self and community.
  • Awareness: Student will participate in activities require you develop an awareness of, and respect for, human differences and application of diverse perspectives
  • Growth: Students will nurture their mental, social, and emotional wellbeing, while exploring their personal values.
  • Leadership: Students will cultivate leadership skills that prepare them for future roles on campus, in their communities, and in their careers.
  • Excellence: Students will demonstrate practical proficiency in either an internship or full-time job. The goal of activities in Level 5 is to receive certification from the workplace of your performance and ability in this competency area.