Funding for Student Mental Health & Wellness Support

Student Mental Health & Wellness Support

Brockport was provided $500,000 for new one-time investments in supporting the mental health needs of students. In early Fall 2021, the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs conducted an inventory of current mental health programming and support and identified opportunities to expand and enhance ongoing mental health support for our students.

This work led to the developed a comprehensive list of programs and initiatives that will be implemented over the course of the 2021-2022 academic year. This funding provided will focus on three specific areas: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Student talking to a counselor


Learn about mental health training and development focused on equipping students, faculty, and staff with the tools and skills they need to help build resilience within our community.

Students using bikes borrowed from SUNY Brockport


Discover the physical health and wellness initiatives at Brockport that address issues related to helping students find a balance on their mental health journey.

Students taking part in an activity during Orientation

Spirit (Community)

A major focus at SUNY Brockport is to enhance spaces and environments within the Brockport community to cultivate a great place to learn for our students, faculty, and staff.