The amount of tuition refund will depend upon the adjusted tuition charges in combination with payments made.

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Calculation of Tuition Charges for Tuition Refunds can be found at the Registration and Records Homepage

  • The following fees are not refundable: A Gift for the Fund for Brockport, College, Transportation and the Payment Plan service charge.

  • Students adding and dropping courses during tuition liability periods will incur tuition charges for both the courses dropped and new courses added.

  • Students will incur tuition liability for all courses registered for during tuition liability periods.

  • Matriculated students tuition charges are limited by the full time rate by status as resident versus non-resident and status as undergraduate versus graduate.

  • Non-matriculated students are charged by the level of the courses taken, either undergraduate or graduate.

  • Non-matriculated graduate students are charged tuition according to the level (undergraduate or graduate) of the courses, which they are taking. However, at 12 credit hours, the minimum amount, which may be charged, is the full time undergraduate rate. Students taking 12 or more credit hours must be charged according to the combination of the undergraduate and graduate rates for the courses they are taking. The minimum charge would be the full time undergraduate rate and the maximum charge would be the full time graduate rate.

Special Session courses (summer, winter) are subject to a different liability schedule. Contact the Office of Registration and Records for details.