What is Degree Works

DegreeWorks is a computer program that provides progress-toward-degree reports for students and advisors. Degree Works is designed to work with our existing Banner tools and services, and will provide seamless communication between a student’s academic history and their degree audit.

For more information on how to use Degree Works, please see Advisement and Retentions webpage below.

Degree Works


  • The easy-to-read worksheet displays student information such as major, grade point average, and academic standing
  • Degree Works takes the guess-work out of what to register for. Students can easily see what requirements are still needed in order to complete a degree or certificate, and which requirements have already been satisfied.
  • Students and advisors can use Degree Works together to plan for degree completion.
  • Students can use the ‘What-if’ feature to see how completed coursework would apply to a different program.
  • Degree Works will be a useful tool in providing seamless transfer opportunities in collaboration with SUNY’s student mobility initiatives

Students are encouraged to use this degree audit report as a guide when planning your progress toward completion of the above requirements. Your academic advisor or the Registrar’s Office may be contacted for assistance in interpreting this report. This audit is not your academic transcript and it is not official notification of completion of degree or certificate requirements.


Questions and concerns regarding this audit should be directed to registrar@brockport.edu.

Degree Works Update June 2021

Below is a brief introduction to changes that advisors will see with the Degree Works upgrade in June.

The “Find” feature is now labeled “Advanced Search.” The new version no longer supports search by Registration Term, Graduation Term, or Advisor ID. You may find it most useful to search for students/use your Advisee Listing in the Advising Student Profile and access Degree Works from the link on the Student Profile.

If you execute a search in Degree Works, it does not automatically display an audit. Click the “Select Student” drop-down to select a student audit from the search results.

While most functions have remained, navigating to them is somewhat different. Since the new version is responsive, the display of navigation icons may change based on size of the viewing screen/window/device. The “hamburger” menu next to user name in the upper-right had corner contains all the primary navigation links.

The Student Header will display at the top of all pages (Worksheets, Plans, Transfer, What-If). Elements will only display if data exist. For example, if a student does not have any minors, there will not be a blank “Minors” element, it simply won’t display.


  • The Look-Ahead feature has been incorporated into the What-If page.
  • Users can collapse or expand any/all “blocks” (audit sections) for easier navigation.
  • The Class history feature can no longer be modified to list courses alphabetically.