Self-pay — Non-Matriculated

Brockport students may choose to take coursework at another college as a non-matriculated student with the understanding they have contacted Brockport’s Transfer Credit Office to ensure the external undergraduate course(s) will transfer towards their degree program. If you are a graduate student please contact the department of your degree to get clearance from your Advisor or departmental Chair. It is necessary to be certain you will not exceed the maximum number of credits you’re allowed to transfer towards a degree.

The Self-pay option requires the student to pay the other institution directly and must ask the institution how to order and send a transcript back to SUNY Brockport after course completion to initiate transfer credit processing. Students may choose the self-pay option if tuition costs at a host school are less.

SUNY Cross-Registration

Matriculated students may apply for cross registration at Brockport or other SUNY campuses when using financial aid as a payment source and by completing the online cross registration application. Sign-on with your student login using this link - SUNY Cross-Registration form - selecting your home campus and entering all required information to initiate your request.

Once submitted your request will require Electronic-approvals from various offices.

Again, this option is to allow a student to utilize financial aid as payment for the external coursework. If financial aid is not being used please contact the host school and register as a Self-pay visiting student.


  • You must be a matriculated student enrolled in a degree program
  • Using financial aid = you must COMPLETE the cross registration application
  • NOT using financial aid = contact host school directly to register and self pay
  • Cross registration can be initiated when online registration opens for students
  • Cross reg requests must be completed on the Friday one week prior to the start of the semester
  • Cross registration requests are denied if holds exist
  • Cross registration requests will be considered for Fall, Spring, or Summer Semesters
  • Cross registration will NOT be available for Winter semesters
  • You must notify both schools when cancelling a cross registration application
  • If cancelling a cross registration application you must initiate cancellation before classes start
  • If dropping a cross registered course you will be assessed fees based on standard tuition policies

Guidelines for Cross-Registration

  1. Brockport students are limited to six (6) credits of undergraduate cross-registered coursework per semester. (You must not exceed the number of transferable credits allowed towards your degree; this can be validated for undergraduates asking/emailing and for graduate students by asking/emailing
  2. The total combined credits of the home institution must be at least 12 credits/full-time and may not exceed the maximum allowed number of credits per semester at Brockport.
  3. Students may take a course at another institution ONLY if the course is NOT offered at SUNY Brockport.
  4. You must have the approval of both the home and host institution. All students must submit the online cross registration application. The student is responsible for ensuring that cross registered course(s) meet requirements of your degree. If you change your major/minor, the courses you cross-register for may no longer count toward degree requirements.
  5. Please be advised that even if you have the permission of the instructor or have satisfied all pre-requisites/co-requisites necessary for enrollment at the host institution, you must still complete the online application and the host’s registration process through the appropriate office at the host institution to be considered officially registered in a course.
  6. The online application at must be submitted before you register at the host school and before the start of the semester/term at Brockport. Registration dates and deadlines vary by college. You are responsible for contacting the host institution for cross registration related dates and deadlines and determining which office(s) are responsible for approving your form. Some institutions require cross registration requests weeks before the start of classes and reserve the right to reject a cross registration request based on their deadline and course capacity limitations.
  7. You will be responsible for the attendance and meeting academic requirements of the course even if home and host calendars do not coincide.
  8. Enrollment changes may impact your eligibility for financial aid for the current semester/term and/or future terms, (e.g. dropping below full-time). Please consult your Home Financial Aid Office regarding academic eligibility for financial aid, including satisfactory academic progress standards.
  9. You are responsible for notifying the appropriate offices on BOTH campuses if you drop/withdraw from a cross registered course(s) (Registrar, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, etc.). Failure to do so can result in a failing grade at the host institution.
  10. Your submission of the online Cross-Registration Agreement indicates your agreement to abide by all regulations imposed by the host institution (parking, attendance, library rules, etc.). In addition the host institution may apply rules and regulations to incoming students as it deems necessary (e.g., limitations on classes based on seat availability). Be sure you are aware of those rules before you cross-register.
  11. Students initiating cross registration to attend at Brockport - Please note: Brockport’s students have priority for all Brockport courses, so popular courses may be closed to cross-registrants because of space limitations.
  12. All course-related fees in excess of tuition are the responsibility of the student (e.g., lab fees).
  13. Any Health Center (immunization/records/physical exam, etc.) requirements must be met at BOTH institutions, even if they differ.
  14. Students that cross-register at Community Colleges must complete residency documents at the host community college institution. This means you will need to provide the community college a certificate of residency (must be obtained from the county of your permanent residence).
  15. Registration is the responsibility of the student. Upon approval you must check with the host institution to confirm how they plan to process your request, enrollment, and any necessary additional information or paperwork required to complete the enrollment process.

How to Process Your Cross-Registration

  1. Brockport students must identify the course(s) you wish to take at a host school. Determine eligibility - ask the Transfer Credit office (undergraduates) or Graduate Studies office (graduate students) whether or not the external course(s) will complete degree requirements; complete the online cross-registration application at Once the electronic request has been submitted it will be reviewed using Electronic-approvals from host & home institution advising, registration, financial aid, and student account offices.
  2. Complete any other forms for the host institution as required.
  3. Once approved, validate with the host institution that you are fully registered.
  4. Upon completion of the cross registered course(s) a transcript should be provided to the home institution if necessary - order an official transcript from the host school to be sent to Brockport for transfer credit to be processed. Undergraduates should have this sent to the Transfer Credit Office and Graduates should have this sent to Graduate Studies.

Rochester Area Colleges (RAC) – Inter-Institutional Consortium Registration Procedures


Alfred Univ, Roberts Wesleyan Coll, Colgate Roch Divinity, Roch Inst Of Technology, St Bernards Inst, St John Fisher Coll, Hobart & William Smith Coll, Houghton Coll, Nazareth Coll, & Univ of Rochester.

The Inter-Institutional Undergraduate Student Enrollment Form can be used only when the following circumstances occur:

  • The requested course is NOT available at the home school.
  • The student is a full-time undergraduate student at his or her home school throughout the duration of the requested course. A full-time student is defined as a matriculated student carrying no less than 12 credit hours.
  • The course is applicable toward the student’s undergraduate degree program.
  • The course is not a winter or summer course.
  • The student is an undergraduate.
  • The course is not graduate-level or at the School of Nursing.

Registration for inter-institutional courses is on a space-available basis. Students are governed by the academic policies of the host institution visited with regard to course requirements, withdrawal policies, etc.

Consult with your dean or registrar regarding the policies of transfer credit and inclusion of quality points. Additional fees associated with the course(s) may be charged. Please be prepared to pay these fees at the time of registration.

Registration instructions:

  • Download the Inter-Institutional Registration Form. This form is an interactive PDF allowing you to fill in the various fields online. Please mark the correct school for your Home Institution and mark the Host Institution.
  • Obtain approval signatures in the order indicated. Signatures are required for each course selected.
  • Proceed to Brockport’s Application form offering key information to ensure legibility and attach a pdf of the completed paper inter-institutional form where noted.
  • Submit this request to the Registrar’s Office of both the home and visiting schools before the semester start. Each institution has its own dates. Check dates for eligibility.
  • Visiting students, upon registration at Brockport a copy will be forwarded to the home school to confirm the registration.
  • To drop an intercollegiate course that you are registered for, you must notify the registrar of your home and visiting school and follow the procedures outlined by the visiting school for dropping or withdrawing from a course.
  • Students must request an official transcript be forwarded to their home school when completing the course using the host’s online transcript ordering system.

Participating colleges have different ending dates for their semester or quarter. Grades, therefore, may not be available prior to a student’s commencement date and may delay graduation. Prior to enrolling, students are advised to review this issue with appropriate officials at their home institution.

Additional questions can be directed to our main office email