Vendor Resources

Resources for Working with the University

Refer to the following resources when working with the University.

Procedures for Doing Business

Terms & Conditions

Payment Procedures

New York State Contract Reporter

Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire

Department of Labor

When working with the University you must follow the procedures set by the Department of Labor. Below are the following necessary forms.

Contractor Forms

Certified Payroll (PW12)

Wage Schedule Receipt (PW51)

PRC Search

Campus Delivery Instructions

The University has multiple locations in which we may need products/services delivered. The delivery information for each location can be found below.

SUNY Brockport - Main Campus

Brockport Downtown

Visual Studies Workshop

State Purchasing Rules/Regulations

Below is a list of the following state purchasing rules and regulations to keep in mind when doing business with the University.

Office of the State Comptroller (OSC)

Office of the General Services (OGS)

Iran Divestment Act of 2012