Procedure for Submitting Requisitions

When submitting a requisition:

  • Include a complete description including part/model number, name of manufacturer
  • Suggested vendor, estimated price
  • Include descriptive literature, written pricing, or anything else that you have already obtained from a vendor
  • Check to be sure funds are available in the account being charged

Some procurements require prior approval from Facilities, Planning, and BASC such as:

  • Equipment requiring installation
  • Equipment requiring utility modifications (natural gas, sanitary drains, water, ventilation, etc.)
  • Equipment requiring room modifications
  • Carpet installations
  • BASC Funds - reach out to them for approval before purchasing

All deliveries made against purchase orders should be checked for accuracy immediately upon delivery. Any discrepancies with a delivery should be reported to Procurement & Payment Services within two days after delivery so that reports can be filed with the vendor and/or carrier and delay payment, if necessary.

Note: All inquiries concerning a purchase order must be made to Procurement & Payment Services referencing the purchase order or requisition number. Departments should not contact vendors directly with inquiries. Contact the Purchasing Office at (585) 395-2351 to check on the status of an order.

Requisition Form

Emergency/Rush Purchasing

If an emergency or rush purchase is necessary, please call us to assist with the process.