Office equipment purchase requests should be submitted to Procurement & Payment Services including a manufacturer name, model number, and a brief description of the equipment.

Procedure for Purchasing Equipment

Purchases for office equipment that will utilize a Procurement Card account for purchase and payment must have a University property sticker placed on the equipment upon receipt.


Hewlett-Packard and Brother desktop printer purchases may be made using a Procurement Card, but requests must be directed to Procurement & Payment Services for assistance with vendor selection and competitive pricing. Please contact Stacie Treahy for questions and/or approval.

Multifunction Copiers and Facsimiles (fax machines)

Multifunction copiers offer print, scan, network, and fax capabilities. Contact Stephanie Stella if you have any office equipment questions or would like assistance with copier configurations.


For technological equipment repairs, call the IT Help Desk at (585) 395-5151.

If a part is required that is not covered by a service contract and the total cost is $250 or less, the department should use a Citibank VISA Purchasing account for payment, if accepted by the vendor. If not, the department must request a requisition number from Procurement & Payment Service, 395-2351, to be given to the service technician so the repair may be completed. The department should provide the vendor with the departmental address as the “bill to” address. Upon completion of the repair and receipt of the invoice, the department must submit the respective requisition and invoice for payment to Procurement & Payment Services.

If the repair exceeds $250 but is less than $2,500, a Procurement Card should be used for payment, if accepted by the vendor. If not, the repair quote and a purchase requisition must be submitted to Procurement & Payment Services prior to the repair being completed so that a PO process may be completed. If the repair if of an urgent nature, please fax the request to Procurement and Payment Services with an explanation describing the urgency. Once approved, a walk-thru process will be followed, typically, within the same business day.