How to Purchase Advertising

There are many instances that would require advertising by University departments. In such situations the following procedures are to be followed:

  • Contact the appropriate source for the advertising
  • Provide the vendor with a requisition number for the ad(s) to be run
  • Provide the vendor with a sample of the ad(s) to be placed
  • Provide the vendor with the applicable date(s) and/or time(s) for the ad(s) to run

Following the publication and placement of the ad(s), the vendor must send an itemized invoice, including a tear sheet or affidavit and rate card, to the ordering department. After approving the invoice for payment, the department must forward the purchase requisition, invoice and tear sheet (or affidavit and rate card) to Procurement & Payment Services for payment. When placing on-line advertising, the department is required to obtain either a hard copy sample of the ad or and e-mail attachment of the ad from the vendor.


Social Media advertising must be done through University Communications or if for a Fine Arts Department, through the Arts Events Manager only.

Advertising Job Vacancies

Employment advertising using assigned recruitment accounts are processed as follows:

  • Human Resources will advise which advertisers they will directly advertise with and will provide a written advertisement to the department for use with other advertising sources.
  • Use of appropriate advertising media and source for specific job title must be followed by the department.
  • The Budget Office will provide the appropriate Recruitment Account for payment of the ad(s) placed directly by the departments.
  • Dean’s Office (faculty line) or Department (staff line) is responsible for the placement of advertising directly with the appropriate advertiser.
    • Procurement & Payment Services will only provide payment if/when an advertiser does not accept a P-card. A requisition is required and must include the invoice and proof of ad before payment will be processed.
  • Proof of ad is a requirement with P-card records Please use one of the following methods below to provide proof.
    • A tear sheet
    • Screen shot of actual ad
    • Affidavit confirming the ad ran