As the Procurement Card Program evolves, program updates and changes can be found here.

Computer Equipment Purchases

Per procurement card program guidelines, computer equipment purchases are not permitted using a P-Card for payment.

Computer equipment is defined as: Anything that may require IT support including but not limited to: PC’s, laptops and tablet computers which include, but are not limited to, the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Nook or KindleFire devices. As new technologies become available to compete with existing tablet computers or other processing equipment, they will also be restricted as purchases on the P-Card.

Please review the correct ordering procedure which includes seeking authorizations through the BITS Service Desk Portal. Any computer equipment that is not purchased following these procedures will require reimbursement of payment to the state account using a non-state funding source and may not be supported by IT.

If there are any questions about what can/cannot be purchased using a P-Card account with regard to computer technology, please contact IT or Procurement & Payment Services before the purchase is made.

Equipment Purchases

Cardholders are required to keep a separate departmental inventory sheet for equipment items less than $5,000 and place a property sticker on all equipment, to the extent possible. Additional property stickers are available by contacting Chelsea Donnelly.

All computer equipment continues to be restricted, regardless of cost, including all tablet computers. Printers may still be purchased using the guidelines provided below.

Printer Purchases

The purchase of desktop printers, Brother and/or Hewlett Packard (HP), must be purchased using a Citibank VISA account.

At this time, all requests for desktop printers must be directed through Procurement & Payment Services for assistance with vendor selection and competitive pricing.

  • Purchases for high-end HP and/or Brother printers are encouraged to consider the inclusion of a maintenance contract following the warranty expiration.
  • The cardholder is responsible for adding the printer to the department inventory list and placing a University property sticker on the printer.
  • Additional property stickers may be requested through Procurement & Payment Services, as needed.

Please contact Stacie Treahy.

Purchase of Apple Apps

Purchasing apps online through the iTunes App Store using a Citibank VISA always includes sales tax. To obtain a credit for the sales tax from Apple is quite a cumbersome process and results in a refund check for a very small amount of money.

To submit a request for an app, please call the service desk at extension 5151 option 1 or submit a Self-Service Software Request ticket using the BITS Service Desk Portal.

The purchase of apps in the iTunes App Store is not permissible using a Citibank VISA.

Note: The purchase of iPads using a Citibank VISA Card is not allowed. All computers (including iPads) must be purchased by submitting a request through the BITS Service Desk Portal and a requisition to Procurement & Payment Services.

Campus Deliveries

There has been an update with regard to the shipping address required for P-card deliveries. Please follow these instructions and use the most recent Citibank VISA Order Form.

Regardless of the type of delivery, please be sure to request “VISA” on the outside of the package and the cardholder name and room number for delivery. This same information should also be noted on the invoice to make distribution of invoices faster and easier as all invoices are initially sent to Procurement & Payment Services.

Mandatory Use of Procurement Card

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) requires the use of the Citibank VISA Purchasing Card for purchases and payments up to $500 when the purchase follows program guidelines and the vendor accepts VISA.

The only allowable exceptions will be for those purchases or payments where the payee will not accept a charge card. After verifying that a vendor will not accept a purchasing card, cardholders must:

  • Submit a requisition to Procurement & Payment Services for the intended purchase (do not place the order) or
  • If a purchase is $250 or less, and the vendor does not take a credit card, the cardholder may place the order directly with the vendor (obtaining all required competition, etc.), take receipt of the item(s), obtain a proper invoice and submit all documents to Procurement & Payment Services on a requisition for payment. The requisition paperwork must include a statement that use of a procurement card was not possible and why.

For those faculty/staff that do not currently have a procurement card, but are responsible for making purchases on behalf of their department, we strongly encourage you to contact the Program Administrator to inquire about obtaining a P-card.

This policy does not apply to travel expenses (employee or non-employee), which are never permitted on a P-card.

Please see Procurement & Payment Services Policies &Procedures for more information.