Resolving Returns

Under no circumstances may cash or any cash equivalent (gift card, prepaid VISA cards) be accepted by the cardholder to resolve a credit situation.


Processing a Return

All packages must be delivered directly to the cardholder. Open any/all packages as soon as they arrive to ensure the product is correct and in good condition. Be aware that vendors do not always allow a lengthy period of time to report issues/claims.

If an item arrives damaged or is not the correct item and needs to be returned for credit, the cardholder should follow the procedures below:

  • Call the vendor to alert them of the damage/error immediately.
  • Be prepared to minimally provide the following information to the vendor:
    • Order number typically located on the packing slip or confirmation
    • Cardholder name and account number
  • When product is returned due to damage from shipping or manufacturer defect, or due to vendor error, the cardholder is not responsible for paying return shipping charges. The vendor must issue a prepaid return label at the vendor’s expense
  • A vendor will give specific instructions for returning the item(s) that may include written authorization or a return authorization number (RA or RMA number) to be referenced on the return package; packaging instructions, etc. Please follow these instructions exactly.
  • Once the item(s) has been received by the vendor, a full credit for that item, including its original shipping cost, must be issued to the original Procurement Card account. The form of payment for the return can not be cash.
  • If a replacement item is requested by the cardholder, a new charge with all new shipping costs (if applicable) should be submitted through Citibank by the vendor.
  • The cardholder must keep a Credit Pending Form (PC03) in the pending folder to use as backup documentation when the credit appears on a future statement.
  • Make a copy of the original Order Form (PC02) to keep in the pending folder if a replacement was requested.

A cardholder may opt to return an item that was ordered incorrectly, not what was expected or is no longer needed. The cardholder may be responsible for return shipping charges; may not be refunded the original shipping charges, and may be subject to a restocking fee. The cardholder must compare the costs associated with the return with the original cost of the item(s). It may be advantageous to the department, as well as the university, to find another use within the campus community.

A Credit Pending Form is required should the cardholder decide to return the item(s) and must be kept in the pending folder to use as back up documentation when the credit appears on a future statement.

Obtaining Credits & Resolving Disputes

Cardholders must attempt to resolve all discrepancies directly with the vendor within a reasonable time frame (minimally, allow one full billing cycle for resolution). Cardholders must document communications with a vendor by utilizing a Credit Pending Form (PC03). Documentation should include, but is not limited to:

  • Contact name
  • Dates/timeline of communications
  • Expected outcome based on communications


If a resolution cannot be established, the cardholder should contact the Chelsea Donnelly for assistance by sending the documented communications and explanation of the issue. The program administrator will recommend or initiate appropriate actions necessary to resolve the matter. Should the Program Administrator be unsuccessful, a formal dispute may be processed with Citibank.