Introductory training sessions are held at the beginning of each semester for individuals who wish to apply for a Citibank VISA Purchasing Card (P-card) and have been approved by their supervisors as part of their official duties.

About the Program

The New York State Purchasing Card (P-card) program is a powerful and efficient tool to assist cardholders in making authorized purchases. It reduces costs and can expedite the procurement process. P-cards enable cardholders to make authorized purchases directly from a vendor without processing the purchase orders or purchase authorizations. For SUNY Brockport, transaction limits are a maximum of $2,500.

Purpose of the Program

Use of a P-Card reduces purchasing costs up to 80%. Most people do not consider the administrative costs of procurement (processing of paperwork and personnel) in addition to the item’s price. Processing purchase orders and payment vouchers is an expensive and time-consuming process. Studies estimate that the cost of processing one purchase requisition averages $100 plus the actual cost of the item. Additionally, the time to complete the process averages 7-9 days. One way to reduce paperwork and allow for more timely purchases is to use the Card sponsored by the Office of General Services.

Program Benefits

  • Reduces purchasing costs up to 80%.
  • Reduces administrative costs and allows our buyers to allot more time to high-dollar transactions.
  • Can reduces the time between requesting, ordering, and receipt of the goods or services.
  • Vendors receive their payments much quicker which reduces the risk of late payments.
  • Employees gain the flexibility to make the purchases they need, when they need them (within the Procurement Card procedures).
  • Substantial savings through processing costs and postage.

How to Receive a Procurement Card

P-Cards are not meant to circumvent any of the State’s purchasing laws. Employees who wish to enroll in the P-Card program must be trained on the expectations for using the card. As the State is moving toward electronic transmission of information, it has become increasingly important for agencies to reassess their systems of internal control. In the past, paper transactions were supported by multiple approvals and authorizations. Now, we are encouraged to focus more on the ethics and integrity of our employees, their competence, and their knowledge of the State system.


For more information or to sign up for the next Introductory Purchasing Card Training Session, please contact Chelsea Donnelly, Procurement Card Administrator.