Per Diem Rates

OSC Travel Manual-Per Diem using Method 1 & Method 2 is found in the Office of the State Comptroller Travel Manual

City/Count Allowance

The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) uses the U.S. General Services Administration per diem list (GSA) for lodging and meal rates.

Using the allowance obtained above from the GSA website, see the chart below or go to NYS Travel Information to determine your meal allowance breakdown.

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Western States Contract Alliance (WSCA) Lodging Program now offers a cost-saving option for lodging. Details can be found at NASPO ValuePoint Travel Center.

Meal Breakdown

Using the allowance obtained for a specific county, the per diem meal breakdown is as follows:

Rates Effective 10/1/22 - 9/30/23

Total Allowance* Breakfast Dinner
$79 $16 $63
$74 $15 $59
$69 $14 $55
$64 $13 $51
$59 $12 $47
Day Rates: * $5 $12
  (Leave by 7 a.m.) (Return after 6 p.m.)


Day rates are reported as income to the IRS. Refer to page 5 of the link below for more information.

OSC Travel Manual

Foreign Per Diem Rates

Get Foreign Per Diem Rates

To determine Foreign Per Diem Rates, please calculate 15% breakfast and 85% dinner

Personal Car Mileage Rate (Effective 01/01/23 - 12/31/23)

Current Rate = $0.655 per mile.