Airline arrangements are to be made by the appropriate SUNY Brockport dean’s secretary only. Candidate airline charges are to be paid using the University’s NET (Non-Employee Travel) credit card.

If a candidate makes arrangements and purchases an airline ticket with personal funds, SUNY Brockport will reimburse the candidate after their interview. The department must submit the following to Procurement & Payment Services:

  • a standard voucher signed by the candidate
  • a purchase requisition
  • itinerary of the interview
  • the ticket stubs and proof of purchase
  • Substitute W-9


The candidate’s reimbursement cannot exceed the New York State food allowance for Monroe County.

If the search committee process includes taking a candidate out for a meal, a University employee will have to initially cover the costs. The University is tax exempt; therefore, a University employee should obtain a tax-exempt form from Procurement and Payment Services or their department secretary. Employees of the University cannot be reimbursed for tax, however, the candidate can be reimbursed tax for meals they purchased themselves.

If being paid through State funds, a request for reimbursement to the employee of the University who pays for the meal(s) should be submitted to their department secretary for reimbursement. A Travel/Expense Form must be submitted to Procurement & Payment Services and must include an Itemized Receipt from the restaurant. If the receipt is not itemized, the individual cannot be reimbursed. In addition, please include a list of names of those who attended the meal as well as the candidate interview agenda. Reimbursement cannot include alcoholic beverages. A tip is reimbursable; however, the tip amount should not exceed 20 percent.


Every attempt should be made to make arrangements at facilities that charge the State per diem rate. Best Western, Victorian Bed and Breakfast and Hampton Inn will directly invoice the University. Please submit a requisition to Procurement & Payment Services with an agenda and the invoice following the candidate’s stay.


If the candidate is requesting reimbursement for mileage, a Statement of Automobile Travel form showing mileage, mileage rate, and times of arrival/departure must be completed.

Reimbursement For Candidate Expenses

Reimbursement will be allowed to candidates who reside over 50 miles from the place of interview. Expenses may include transportation, food and lodging.

In order to reimburse the candidate for expenses that they have paid for, following completion of the interview process, the candidate must complete a State of New York Standard Voucher form and submit it with the proper paperwork, including a Substitute W-9. In addition, the department must prepare a purchase requisition form requesting reimbursement for the candidate. Attached to the requisition and standard voucher form should be the receipts for lodging, tolls, taxi, airfare, and mileage. The purchase requisition, voucher form, automobile travel form, and a copy of the interview agenda, along with appropriate receipts are to be submitted to the appropriate party (dean, vice president, search committee chairperson, department head, etc.) for signature and then submitted to Procurement & Payment Services. Payment will be made to the candidate requesting reimbursement. Please be sure that the voucher form shows the individual’s name, home address and signature of the individual requesting reimbursement. The appropriate account number to be charged and authorized department signature must be included on the purchase requisition.

Note: The search committee should advise the candidate to keep all travel receipts.


Please contact Megan Radder with any questions.