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SUNY Brockport is committed to fostering a safe and healthy campus environment conducive to education, study, work, and personal development. In order to establish and maintain this desired environment, the university has adopted the Code of Student Conduct by which all students and student organizations are expected to abide at all times.

The Code of Student Conduct states the behavioral expectations and standards of conduct for all students. Students are accountable for their behavior. The rules pertain to the actions of students, either on or off the campus grounds. When a nexus between a student’s behavior and the University exists and the University is aware of the behavior, a student may be subject to University disciplinary action. The student conduct officer shall use discretion regarding whether the Code of Student Conduct shall be applied to conduct occurring off campus.

Student groups and organizations may also be charged with violations of the Code of Student Conduct. A student group or organization and its officers may be held collectively and/or individually responsible when violations of this Code of Student Conduct occur.

The student conduct system procedures have been established to ensure due process and fundamental fairness to all individuals and organizations involved. The evidentiary standard that guides the student conduct system is preponderance of the evidence, which is required to determine if a student violated the Code of Student Conduct. The standard is met when the evidence brought forth through the conduct process proves the charges to be more likely true than not true.

This website provides an explanation of the process involved for responding to allegations of student misconduct, in addition to explaining what actions the College will take in dealing with violations of the Code. The Code of Student Conduct includes procedures for investigating and processing violations, organized by two distinct sets of procedures: Category I: General Student Conduct Case Policies & Procedures; and Category II: Sexual/Gender Based Discrimination and Interpersonal Violence Misconduct Policies & Procedures. Category II procedures are required by the Campus SaVE Act and New York State law, including Education Law Article 129-B. SUNY Brockport has a separate Title IX Grievance Policy, which will be utilized to address allegations of sexual harassment, as defined by the Final Rule under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

The student conduct officer may also determine that the Category II conduct procedures are appropriate for misconduct unrelated to Sexual/Gender Based Discrimination and Interpersonal Violence, based on the severity of the conduct, such as violations or incidents involving physical violence or hazing. If a student is charged with Category I and Category II violations, the University may proceed by using Category II conduct proceedings for all charges.