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Sabbatical Leaves Policy

As established in Article XIII, Title E (5) of the State University of New York (SUNY) Policies of the Board of Trustees , “The objective of such leave is to increase an employee’s value to the …

Safeguarding Customer Information Policy

Effective May 23, 2003, the Federal Trade Commission has issued a final safeguard rule as required by Section 501(b) of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act to establish standards relating to administrative,

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards to Retain Eligibility for Federal Title IV Financial AID - Graduate Level Policy

 Students are advised that continued eligibility for federal financial aid awards requires that students maintain compliance with Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards. Federal Satisfac…

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards to Retain Eligibility for Federal Title IV Financial Aid - Undergraduate Level Policy

This policy explains the federal academic requirements to maintain eligibility for Federal Title IV financial aid at the Undergraduate Level.

Satisfactory Grades (at the Graduate Level) Policy

An explanation of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading at the graduate level, including limits on S/U credits and their relationship to GPA.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Policy

Students may take some courses graded only as satisfactory or unsatisfactory according to the rules stated in this policy.

Scientific Misconduct Policy

The University Policy on Scientific Misconduct adopted by the Faculty Senate (Resolution #14, 1989-1990) and implemented on March 7, 1990 is as follows.

Security Camera Policy

SUNY Brockport reserves the right to place security cameras on campus where necessary. Security cameras will be limited to uses that do not violate the reasonable expectation of privacy of any indi

Semester Index Policy

Section 240.02

Separation from Employment Policy

Classified employees must provide a minimum of two weeks written notice for resignations, including resignations for the purpose of retirement. Use of accruals duing the notice period is subject to

Sick Leave Abuse Policy

Unlike vacation, personal and compensatory leave accruals, sick leave accruals are NOT an entitlement. The use of sick leave accruals is limited to times when employees are ill or in specific cases

Sick Leave at Half Pay - Classified Employees Policy

Permanent or contingent permanent classified state employees are eligible for one pay period of sick leave at half-pay for every six months of service. Temporary employees are not eligible for this benefit.

Sit-Stand Workstation Policy

This policy sets forth guidance on the acquisition and funding of sit-stand workstations.

Snow Removal Program Policy

During adverse winter weather conditions, it is often necessary to prioritize the assignment of personnel and equipment for snow removal. This document describes the staff responsibilities, weather…

Soliciting Funds on Campus Policy

Section 370.07

Space Heaters Policy

The use of portable space heaters is prohibited except where it is determined by the Office of Facilities that the building HVAC system cannot maintain the university approved temperature set point…

Space Management Policy

SUNY Brockport Space Management Policy provides a framework to support academic and non-academic program needs. The University is committed to managing space based on our Strategic Plan and the 2018 Space Utilization Study by JMZ Architects.

Special Opportunities after the Baccalaureate Degree Policy

Students who have already earned an undergraduate degree and do not wish to enroll in formal graduate study, have the option of further study at the undergraduate level by working toward a second b…

Speed Limits on Campus Policy

Section 740.06

State-Established Academic Standards for New York State Financial Aid - Undergraduate and Graduate Policy

This policy explains the New York State academic requirements to maintain eligibility for state financial aid programs.

State-Funded Travel Policy

The policy outlines allowable travel expenses using state funds for SUNY Brockport students, faculty, and staff.

Student Absence due to Religious Beliefs - Section 224-A of the New York State Education Law Policy

Student absences due to religious beliefs are protected under Section 224-A of New York State Education Law.

Student Consumer Disclosure Requirement Policy

This policy provides students and prospective students with contact information for filing complaints with the University’s state approval agency and any other relevant state official or agency t…

Student Employment Basic Training Policy

This is a web based training program with online self-scoring quizzes that newly hired student employees are encouraged to go through.

Student Employment Supervisor’ Manual Policy

The Supervisors’ Manual is a Web-only publication   that is made available to supervisors to assist them in the management of student employees. It includes policies and/or procedures drawn from:

Student Injury Policy

The policy covers the procedure for reporting student injury.

Student Organization Registration Policy

To ensure the educational integrity of co-curricular activities on campus, SUNY Brockport has established registration procedures for student organizations.

Student Relatives of a Course Instructor Need Special Permission to take the Course - Nepotism Policy

The University has rules that govern the situation when students take courses taught by a close relative.

Student Responsibility for Graduation Requirements (Undergraduate) Policy

The University provides you an advisor and a Degree Audit, to assist you in tracking your graduation requirements. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to track your graduation requirement…

Student Right-to-Know Policy

The Student Right-to-Know Act requires the University to disclose certain information including crime statistics, institutional graduation rates and student privacy guidelines to all enrolled and p…