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Radiation Safety and Hazardous Materials Policy

Radiation Safety

The University is in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations concerning the use of radio-chemicals, radio-isotopes, and radiation-producing equipment or utilizin

Re-Admission at the Graduate Level Policy

An explanation of the consequences of academic dismissal, including the required interval between dismissal and reapplication, consideration of previously earned credits, and limit on the number of…

Re-Employment of Retirees Policy

Section 211 provides a waiver to the earnings limitation of $30,000 (as of 01/01/2007). The NYS Civil Service Commission may grant waivers under Section 211 for retired employees to be employed in …

Readmission at the Undergraduate Level Policy

This policy outlines the policy for readmission to the University after separation, leave of absence, academic dismissal and/or conduct suspension.

Refund Policy

This policy explains the refund schedule and process, the percentage of refund allowed each week and a link to the Office of Student Accounts for further details.

Registration and Records Definitions Policy

Definitions of terms used by the Office of Registration and Records.

Registration for Credit Overload at the Graduate Level Policy

An explanation of the credit cap at the graduate level and the approvals necessary to exceed this cap.

Registration Policy

This policy deals with student status as it relates to various registration opportunities, items that will prevent registration and affirming enrollment following registration.

Reinstatement at the Undergraduate Level After Dismissal Policy

Students may appeal their first dismissal from the University for poor academic performance.

Relationship Statement Between SUNY Brockport and its Affiliated Fraternities and Sororities Policy

For an overview and description of SUNY Brockport policies governing our fraternity and sorority system, please refer to the following Website , for the Relationship Statement Between SUNY Brockport…

Repeating Courses at the Graduate Level Policy

An explanation of which courses may be repeated at the graduate level and how the repeated course grades are reflected in the GPA and on the transcript.

Repeating Courses at the Undergraduate Level Policy

Repeating classes can have an impact on a student’s GPA and/or financial aid package. Before repeating a class, students should be aware of what the impact of repeating that class will have on th…

Reporting Absences, Verification of Class Rosters, and Unregistered Students Policy

Section 210.12

Residency Requirement at the Graduate Level Policy

A statement of the official University graduate policy on institutional residency.

Residency Requirement Policy

This policy discusses the minimum number of credits needed at Brockport for your degree, major and/or minor.

Residency, Establishment of for Tuition Purposes Policy

Residency eligibility for New York State tuition rates.

Retention of IT Privileges Policy

IT privileges generally expire when an individual separates from the University.

Retirement Bridge Policy for Faculty Members Policy

Revocable Permits Policy

SUNY Brockport facilities and resources are available for use by faculty, students and campus organizations for educational, cultural, recreational and internal organizational activities that are i

Rights and Responsibilities of Students Receiving Financial Aid Policy

Students have certain rights and responsibilities regarding the receipt of financial aid.

Royalty Distribution Policy

Pursuant to the SUNY Patents, Inventions and Copyright Policy (“Patent Policy”) royalties received from the management and licensing of Intellectual Property (as defined in the Patent Policy) a…

Rule on other Official Academic Relationships with Relatives Policy

The University has rules that govern employee official interactions with close relatives in classes and the service offices.