University-Wide Policies

All members of the University community (faculty, staff, students and visitors) are responsible for operating within the policy environment appropriate to their campus role.

This web site provides the University community with ready access to policy information to reduce risk and confusion and to provide a resource for policy management, development and review.

Contents include:

Campus Administrative Policy Development & Life Cycle Process


Recently Updated Policies

Retention of IT Privileges Policy


IT privileges generally expire when an individual separates from the University.

UUP Professional Request for Promotion or Salary Increase Policy


SUNY Brockport has established policies and procedures pertaining to the consideration of requests from Professional Staff represented by United University Professions (UUP), or the supervisors of said Professional Staff, for promotion and/or certain salary increases. Definitions of terms, guidelines, and procedures are described herein.

Title IX Grievance Policy


Grievance Policy for Addressing Formal Complaints of Sexual Harassment Under the Title IX Regulations.

Attendance Guidelines Policy

2023-07-14 (Senate Resolution 2022-2023 #64)

University faculty value regular attendance in all classes, as explained in these guidelines.

Faculty are expected to publicize their attendance policy within their course syllabus, consistent with these guidelines.

Closing State Offices / Directing Early Departures Policy


The statewide policy gives only the Governor the authority to close state buildings and allow employees to be absent without charge to leave accruals.