Committee Charge

The policy infrastructure of a university is integral to sound business practices, effective institutional decision-making, management of risk, and accountability to the public trust. The Policy Management Steering Committee was established April 22, 2016 and meets bi-monthly to oversee university-wide administrative policy development and maintenance at SUNY Brockport.

The Policy Management Steering Committee is responsible for administering the University Administrative Policy Development and Life Cycle Process, including:

  1. Coordinating the development and review of University Administrative Policies
  2. Facilitating communication between Academic and Administrative policy stakeholders during policy review
  3. Addressing questions of policy categorization: Administrative or Academic
  4. Determining whether changes to current Administrative policies are substantive or editorial
  5. Ensuring there is an effective and appropriate communication plan and training in place to make the affected campus constituents aware of policy changes
  6. Ongoing review of the Campus Administrative Policy Development and Life Cycle Process

Committee Member Selection Process:

The Policy Management Steering Committee is comprised of members solicited from the following divisional areas across campus who have broad knowledge and understanding of divisional policy requirements relevant to their areas of responsibility, including shared governance representation from Brockport University Senate and student(s) referred by Brockport Student Government (BSG):

  • Academic Affairs
  • Administration and Finance
  • Advancement and Communications 
  • Brockport Student Government (BSG)
  • Brockport University Senate (BUS) - Faculty & Professional Staff Policies Committee and Student Policies Committee
  • Enrollment Management 
  • Finance and Management
  • Human Resources
  • President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion (PCDI)
  • Student Affairs

Comittee Roster:

Name Title and Division/Area
Jim Wall, Chair Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance 
Damita Davis PCDI Representative; Chief Diversity Officer
Peter Dowe Registrar, Enrollment Management

Becky Gagne

Associate Director, Human Resources; University Ethics Officer
Crystal Hallenbeck-McPhall Interim Assistant Vice President, Finance and Management
Nassa Kamara BSG Student Representative
Nick Leone Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Human Resources
Karen Logsdon Assistant to the Vice President, Student Affairs
Jose Maliekal Vice Provost for Curricular Innovation, Academic Affairs
Garrett Roe BUS Representative; Associate Director, Advancement
Janet Roy Associate Director of Marketing, University Communications, Advancement and Communications
Laurie A. Smith, Staff Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Administration and Finance
Jeff Thompson

BUS Representative; Assistant Director, Academic Systems & Instructional Support, BITS