Committee Roster

  • Cathy Houston-Wilson, College Senate President-elect (Co-Chair)
  • Crystal Hallenbeck, Interim AVP for Finance & Management (Co-Chair)
  • Lorraine Acker, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Eileen Daniel, Vice Provost
  • Peter Dowe, University Registrar
  • Riley Johnson, Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Michael Harrison, Director of the Center for Graduate Studies
  • Meaghan Irving, Graduate Student Representative
  • Rachael Killion, Interim Director of Budgeting
  • Susan Lowey, Director of Special Sessions and Programs
  • Teresa Major, Director of Student Accounts & Accounting
  • Lisa Robusto-Mack, Brockport Downtown Representative
  • Rongkun Shen, Faculty Representative

Staff to the Committee

  • Melissa Wight, Administrative Assistant for Finance and Management