What we’re doing

  • Recycle meter hardware
  • Offer contactless/paper free parking payment options: ParkMobile
  • Introduced a campus bike borrowing program. Now offered through Recreation Services.
  • Electrical vehicle charging stations are now available in lots G1, N, and V.
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  • Online Rideshare tool to search for carpool and driving partners.
  • Carpool permit holders share driving and have access to a premium parking space on campus.
  • PTS drives a low emitting, fuel-efficient vehicle.
  • Online My Parking Account reduces paper use. (Purchase permit, pay citations, appeal and review account).
  • Offer Zipcar car sharing program.
  • Supported Special Event & Recreation Center (SERC) construction project for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements— with no parking spaces added.
  • Parking attendants encouraged to patrol utilizing the bike donated by University Police.
  • Co-sponsor Annual Walk Bike Event - campus and village community give cars a rest and walk/bike to their designation.
  • Pay Stations are solar powered and have a battery saving sleep mode.
  • Parking lot greeters deter vehicular backup and idling by directing to open spaces.
  • Sponsored a landscape day where volunteers spruced up the landscaping at the Conrad Welcome Center.
  • Promote healthy living— staff is participates in the annual campus Eat Well, Live Well campaign.
  • Provide shuttle services.
  • Communications are emailed instead of using paper, goal to go paperless.
  • Rechargeable batteries in handhelds, printers and office equipment.
  • Computers shut down when not in use.
  • Recycle paper, bottles, and cans.
  • Promote NYS-Ride - allows employees to have pre-tax deductions made from their paycheck to reduce the out-of-pocket costs of using public transportation for their commute.
  • Supported Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Certification requirements for construction of the Liberal Arts building by providing reserved parking spaces for low emitting, fuel-efficient vehicles. Vehicles with rating of 40 or higher are eligible.

What more can WE do?

What YOU can do

  • Share a ride with a buddy, but not your permit.
  • Purchase, pay, and appeal online using My Parking Account.
  • Borrow a bike instead of driving.
  • Change light bulbs to energy efficient florescent bulbs.
  • Turn down the thermostat 1 degree in the winter and up 1 degree in the summer
  • Use power management to put computers to sleep when they are not in active use.
  • Buy recycled 100% post consumer waste paper, re-manufactured printer/toner cartridges, post it notes, scissors, and file folders.
  • Buy things in bulk to reduce packaging and waste.
  • Share all this information with fellow students and faculty. Knowledge is power.