Virtual permits are here.

A virtual permit means your license plate serves as the parking permit. Physical permits will not be issued.

License plate information is registered with SUNY Brockport by you, and associated with your vehicle(s) or motorcycle and authorizes parking in a specific lot or zone.


  • Supports sustainable efforts: No more printing plastic tags, print receipt, mailing envelopes.
  • Cost savings also include staff hours permit inventory, mailing, paper, permits.
  • Prevents permit loss, theft, forgery.
  • It’s easy: Register your plate-that’s all! No need to transfer permit between cars.

Your Responsibility

  • Register your vehicle via the parking portal PRIOR to parking on campus. Once a virtual permit has been purchased, you will receive an email confirmation. You may add a new vehicle/license plate by signing into your parking account. If you are bringing a rental car, call Parking & Transportation Services.
  • Enter vehicle information correctly. SUNY BROCKPORT is not obligated to void any citations issued due to inaccurate information supplied at the time of registration.
  • Know where to park. Parking lot signs are a useful resource. Signs at entrance of each lot will indicate student classification. (Note: parking at meters, pay station lots or other permit lots may require additional payment or authorization.) MAP
    • Commuting students: Park in any lot, with the exception of: A (Harrison), C (off Holley St), L (Admissions), Y (Townhome)
    • Residents: Location is based on residential location and in some cases, class status. Read carefully.
      • Townhome students: Lot Y
      • Eagle Hall: Limited amount of vehicles will be given permission to park in lot Y on a first-come; first-serve basis. All others will be assigned to lot V1 or X.
      • Freshman: lots V1 and X
      • All other residential units: Upperclassmen that registered early will have permissions to park in lots A and C. Once sold out, parking permissions will be in lots V1 and X.

What Other Changes Can I Expect?

  • Ability to register two active vehicles. Only one vehicle per permit may park on campus at any time (during enforcement periods). Concurrent use of permitted lots by more than one vehicle registered to a single permit will result in a citation being issued. If you need to change vehicles in the course of a single day, please contact our office. The registration of someone else’s vehicle to your account/permit is NOT allowed.
  • Since the permit is tied to the vehicle registration (license plate), it is very important the entered information is correct. Temporary vehicles (rentals, etc.) can be tied to your permit for up to two weeks at a time. Please contact our office for more information.
  • Vehicles must be parked so that a license plate is viewable from the driving lane. For vehicles registered in jurisdictions that do not issue front plates (i.e. Pennsylvania), this typically means the vehicle will need to be parked “nose-in”.
  • License plates must be readable*. Devices that cover or obstruct a license plate are illegal in New York State (NY V&T § 402 (b)). The presence of such devices may result in the issuance of a citation. Vehicles registered in New York: the New York Department of Motor Vehicles has acknowledged that some older license plates are susceptible to “delamination (peeling) of their printed coating”. Replacements for license plates experiencing this issue may be obtained free of charge. More information is located at
  • No longer need to park on campus? A virtual permit can be cancelled by emailing the completed form to park@brockport. You may be eligible for a pro-rated refund.

Alternate Parking Arrangements

All lots are subject to special event parking arrangements. If a planned event or a construction project requires assignment to a different lot, you will be notified via email. The LPR will verify that you are valid in the assigned alternate lot.

Brockport Downtown

Invited Guests

In most instances, a vehicle plate is required to complete the permit process. Examples include: guest speakers, small events with expected number of guests 10 and less. Complete MachForm.

Parking Rules and Regulations

Permit holders are responsible for compliance with all Parking Rules and Regulations.


*NY V&T § 402 (b): “Number plates shall be kept clean and in a condition so as to be easily readable and shall not be covered by glass or any plastic material, and shall not be knowingly covered or coated with any artificial or synthetic material or substance that conceals or obscures such number plates or that distorts a recorded or photographic image of such number plates, and the view of such number plates shall not be obstructed by any part of the vehicle or by anything carried thereon, except for a receiver-transmitter issued by a publicly owned tolling facility in connection with electronic toll collection when such receiver-transmitter is affixed to the exterior of a vehicle in accordance with mounting instructions provided by the tolling facility.”