Meters are available in a variety of parking areas for your short-term parking needs.

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Meter locations include:

Parking Lot Maximum Spaces Maximum Duration
Lot D1 10 spaces 2 hours
Lot N 4 spaces 2 hours
Lot O 5 spaces 4 spaces - 30 minutes
1 space - 2 hours
Lot U 7 spaces 2 hours
Tuttle North Loop 4 spaces 2 hours
Tower East 5 spaces 2 hours
Cooper Drive 3 spaces 2 hours
Allen Loop 5 spaces 2 hours

Multi-space pay station located in Lots T and V allow for a parker to purchase time with cash. A receipt will be dispensed and must be used as the parking credential by displaying the receipt on the driver side of the dash, face up. Motorists may park in lots T, V, or V1 during the day or lots V1 or X if parking overnight. ParkMobile app may also be used for metered and areas with a pay station

How to use a meter that is centered between two parking spaces

Each is considered a metered space. Two silver buttons correspond to either the right (bottom) or left spaces (top). Push the correct button before paying. Put the appropriate amount of coins in the slot located in the right side of the meter. Slowly insert the coins one at a time. Do not park at a meter that is out of order. If the coins do not register on the meter, please notify Parking and Transportation Services immediately at 395-PARK.