Basic Rules

All persons parking on campus are responsible for knowing and following campus parking regulations. The University assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or its contents while parked or operated on University property. Permits are required for all vehicles in parking lots and may be purchased at the Raye H. Conrad Welcome Center. Vendor and contractor permits are valid for one academic year, beginning with the start of each fall semester. These permits are not available for students, faculty or staff of SUNY Brockport.

Cost of Permits

$5/day for short-term parkers (max. 2 weeks)

Staging Areas

A staging area may be established for projects when appropriate. Approval must be obtained from both the University Project Coordinator and Parking and Transportation Services. Every effort must be made to minimize the impact on parking and existing traffic patterns. The staging area must be limited to equipment and material, and is NOT intended to become a private lot. The staging area must be shown on drawings. Signs and fencing must be provided and installed by the contractor. All personal vehicles are required to display a university-issued parking permit. This includes vehicles parked inside and outside the staging area. The University reserves the right to establish a fee to stage in a parking area.

Staging Areas Impacting Parking or Traffic Patterns

Staging areas that impact parking or traffic patterns require at least two weeks’ notice to Parking and Transportation Services to assure that ample advance communication is made to the campus community. The University reserves the right to establish a fee to stage in a parking area.

Additional Parking Spaces Needed to Support Work

When additional parking spaces are needed to support work, such as space for dumpsters, equipment, or supplies, arrangements need to be made via the University Project Coordinator. Such requests require a minimum of one week notice and approval from Parking and Transportation Services. The use of meters is discouraged and a daily fee may be assessed. As a last resort, the University Project Coordinator may request the relocation of a meter. Such requests would require approval from Parking and Transportation Services.

All Other Vehicles

Parking will be permitted and arranged as approved by Parking and Transportation Services. All lots will be available during the summer. Parking is available at no cost in the Park ’n Ride lot located on the corner of Route 31 and Commencement Drive.


Access to the construction site for deliveries should be indicated on the drawings or as approved by the University Project Coordinator. Temporary parking for loading and unloading should be arranged through the University Project Coordinator with prior approval from Parking and Transportation Services.