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Stay Up to Date

Our academic calendar is an up to date reflection of important dates and times that a student and parent should know regarding academic dates/deadlines including add/ drop periods, breaks, and final exams.

Academic Calendar

Our University Events calendar keeps track of all events held on campus at SUNY Brockport.

University Events Calendar

Academic Support

SUNY Brockport has several support mechanisms in place to help our students. As a parent, your encouragement to seek out the help they need is sometimes necessary.

There are several Academic Support Services available to students, regardless of their class year, academic major, credit hour status, campus residency status, age, etc.

The Academic Success Center offers, a writing lab, assistance with math courses, and tutoring for courses in across several disciplines. They also offer helpful workshops on time management, test taking and study skills, note-taking, and more.

Overall Well-Being & Mental Health Support

We realize your number one concern is that your student is healthy and happy. If they are not, are here to help.

Please remember that our students are their own advocates, and should seek out these services on their own. That said, this information is provided so you can help them when they need a nudge in the right direction.

Advocacy and Safety Services—Information about campus safety and University Police

We offer a handful of services at our Health & Counseling Center. Please read about our Health Insurance Requirements and Information for enrolling and current university students.

Suggested Reading for Parents