Institutional Review Board (IRB)

CITI Training (Human Subject Research)

The CITI training is mandatory for all researchers intending on conducting research involving human subjects. 

Proposal FAQs

If you have questions about the process of submitting a proposal or want to know why it is taking so long for your project to be approved check out about the proposal process. 


Looking for assistance with accessing or navigating PACS? Find out more information about the PACS system or schedule a training session. 

Regulation Exceptions

The new regulations do not impact studies approved prior to January 21, 2019.


Federal Guidelines

The Institutional Review Board is mandated by federally regulated guidelines. Any research that deals with human subjects must be reviewed by the IRB. For information about human subject research visit the “Human Subject Research” webpage.


Recent Changes to the IRB

There have been a handful of changes to the IRB and the common rule. Read up on the most recent changes before submitting a proposal.

Institutional Review Board members sitting at a table in a conference room.

About the IRB

The Institutional Review Board is a federally mandated department that is responsible for ensuring the protection of human research participants.

Forms & Templates

When conducting research at the University involving human research subjects, it is important to follow the proper protocol. You can find all the necessary forms for your research proposal here.

Proposal Timeline

The board meets on a bi-weekly basis during the semester. Proposals that are contingent on a full board review must be received at least one week before the board meeting in order to be considered.

Proposal Guidance

For levels of review, proposal checklists, and any additional information on completing your proposal, our proposal guidance webpage can help.