Course Selection Process for Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

  1. All programs across the three schools prepared curriculum maps in which they have identified courses with program student learning outcomes (PSLOs) that align to specific institutional student learning outcomes (ISLOs).
  2. The co-chairs of the Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee consult these curriculum maps to identify courses at the upper-division, summative level in which data can be collected to measure student achievement of ISLOs.
  3. The list of options is cross-referenced with the fall schedule and courses for data collection are selected. The ISLO assessment committee approves of this list and a draft rubric for faculty to use for the assessment.
  4. The Deans of the three schools and OAA send out letters and guidelines to department chairs, who determine which faculty will participate when more than one option is available and communicate with faculty about the process. The ISLOAC works directly with EMSA for the selection of co-curricular experiences.

General Guidance for ISLO Assessment

Instructors collecting data from program courses aligned to ISLOs can be prepared to collect data at any time by designing appropriate assessment measures (i.e., assignments that are well-aligned to both program and institutional student learning outcomes) and administering them each time they teach these courses.

Data collection happens every fall, reporting happens every spring.