Camera Use and Recording

Teacher candidates will have the opportunity to check out a camera kit through Drake Library. Teacher candidates will need a Brockport ID card and will also be required to sign a Borrowed Equipment Agreement Form. Watch this video to learn what items are included in your camera kit.

How to use the camera

Video Recording Tips

  • Be careful with backlighting - do not have a bright light source in the background if the subject is in the foreground. It will be difficult to see the subject.
  • Both you and your students should be visible and audible
  • Before you start, make sure you have enough available space on your SD card

Click this link to watch another video on some useful tips on recording yourself in the classroom from the Teaching Channel website.

Transferring Video to a Computer

Students will need to transfer video files off of their video capture device.

Students are recommended to transfer video files onto a portable storage device that will provide them access to modify and save the file during video trimming, video compressions, and for preserving backup copies.

The following storage devices are recommended:

  • SD Card (32GB or larger)
  • USB Flash Drives (32GB or larger)
  • External Portable Hard Drive
  • Google Drive (Accessed through your student Google Account)

Students are also highly recommended to work off of a copy of the original video, do not save over the original file.

Transferring the video file to a computer

Trimming the video

If the recorded video files are longer than the required length specified by edTPA, the video will need to be trimmed. Windows Movie Maker is the recommended software for Windows 7 and 8 users. Microsoft’s Photos App is recommend for Windows 10 users. iMovie is recommended for Mac users. Windows Movie Maker software is available on all PCs in Drake Library. Click the link below for step by step instructions on how to trim your video file using the appropriate software:

How to Trim Videos using Windows Movie Maker (pdf guide)

How to Trim Videos using Windows Movie Maker (YouTube video)

How to Trim Videos Using Windows Photos App (pdf guide)

How to Trim Videos using iMovie (word document)

Converting and Compressing the video

The target file size for video artifacts is 100MB. Students will not be able to upload a video artifact larger than 100MB. Handbrake is the recommended compression software. This software is available on all campus lab PCs. Click the links below for step by step instructions on how to compress your video file to an appropriate size.

How to Compress a video file using Handbrake On Campus (pdf guide)

How to Compress a video file using Handbrake (YouTube video)

How to Compress a video file using Handbrake Off Campus (pdf guide)

Additional Resources

Where to find help

The Brockport help desk provides in-person support in Drake Library, at the information desk. You may also contact them by calling (585) 395-5151, or by opening a help desk ticket online here:
Brockport IT Portal.

You may contact the Professional Education Unit for help by emailing Keith Nobles at


American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education


iMovie Support

Handbrake Help