Institutional Assessment

Administrative Review

Administrative review assesses the administrative functions of the University in accordance with various accrediting agencies and allows non-academic units to assess the effectiveness of their operations.

Program Review

Program review provides our academic programs the opportunity to assess curricula, learning outcomes, enrollment trends, and more.

General Education

General Education is central to the academic mission of the University and shapes the fundamental structure of our students’ curriculum.

About Us

The Office of Accountability and Assessment supports and sustains the continuous improvement of the institution by assisting all University units in the development and implementation of assessment plans and methodologies. Faculty and administrators use the information gained with the support of the OAA to enhance and improve programs and services.

Our Responsibilities

  • Providing leadership and support for continuous improvement.
  • Coordinating, communicating, and supporting the implementation of Brockport’s Institutional Assessment Plan.
  • Facilitating academic and administrative units in defining, implementing, and documenting goals and outcomes of assessment and the resulting actions.
  • Ensuring compliance with external accreditation agencies.
  • Providing student placement testing services for foreign language placement exams.