Diversity Recruitment and Retention Plan

University Diversity Statement

SUNY Brockport is committed to creating and maintaining an equitable environment that welcomes, values, respects and supports individuals and communities who affirm human dignity. The University provides opportunities for engagement, learning, growth, and transformation to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive institution.

Goal 1

Ensure the campus commitment to diversity and inclusion is transparent and clear, campus wide

  • Recruit and hire a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO)
    • (Hired a Diversity Recruitment and Retention Specialist, June 2020.)
  • Create and include presentations and discussions about our mission and commitment to diversity.
  • Create an active marketing and communication plan to support community and campus wide recognition of diversity and inclusion achievements.
  • Increase outreach and networking efforts both internally and externally to promote diversity initiatives.

Goal 2

Create an inclusive culture that promotes the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff while paying close attention to areas of underrepresentation.

  • Review and reconstruct job descriptions and job advertisements to ensure they are free from bias and attract diverse candidates.
  • Establish recruitment partnerships with the alumni engagement office and other student organizations.
  • Review and analyze EEO and affirmative action data to determine which employee groups are underrepresented and where placement goals exist.
  • Leverage the momentum of the PRODiG program to increase faculty diversity. Both passive and active recruitment strategies are core functions of the plan.
  • Develop retention strategies that include resources to aid in new employee onboarding and new employee transition into the SUNY Brockport community.
  • Solicit candidates through appropriate professional networks and associations.

Goal 3

Create consistent and responsive advertising, technology and programs in order to attract and pipeline a diverse applicant pool

  • Create training tools to assist stakeholders (hiring managers/team) with search committees - Checklists, videos, walk through demos.
  • Educate and communicate to stakeholder’s bias training and the importance of diversity in the search process.
  • Create and utilize the Candidate Relationship Manager tool (CRM).
  • Continue to use and unlock the potential of our new PageUp applicant tracking system to provide new employees with an engaging onboarding experience.
  • Review and engage new sites and methods for advertising and sourcing diverse candidates - Evaluate sourcing data annually.
  • Conduct exploratory interviews to attract and pipeline diverse candidates for future roles.

Goal 4

Develop an evaluation component to ensure we are meeting our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  • Conduct stay interviews, with the goal of reviewing the surveys and following up with concerns as needed. This will also be useful in identifying trends.
  • Conduct check in engagement surveys for our new hires during their second month, six month and 1 year of employment.
    • Quarterly, the HR team will review and follow up on concerns as needed.
  • Evaluate and develop system metrics to gauge recruitment efforts. This includes the entire recruitment process from candidate vetting to onboarding.
  • Review and as needed, provide recommendations for revision of recruitment policies, processes and procedures.