A temporary appointment shall be an appointment which may be terminated at any time.

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Temporary appointments ordinarily shall be given only when service is to be part-time, consistent with section 2 of Title D, Article XI, voluntary, or anticipated to be for a period of one year or less, or when an employee’s initial appointment in the University is made to a position vacated by a professional employee who is serving a probationary appointment pursuant to Title C, section 5, or Title D, section 6. A temporary appointment is also appropriate whenever a position has been vacated by an employee on approved leave.

  • Generally, a temporary appointment should only be granted for a period of one year or less. If there are circumstances that may require a temporary appointment for longer than one year - please contact the Office of Human Resources.
  • For new appointments, employees should generally be given a one year term appointment. In the event that a temporary appointment is necessary and the service is full-time, time in this temporary appointment may be counted towards continuing or permanent appointment.
  • Temporary appointments should be given to an appointee when refilling a position that was vacated by a current employee that was promoted to another position with a higher salary grade and title.
  • Appointees can be temporary in a temporary service (TS) line number. Appointees can also be temporary on a permanent service regular (PSR) line number. Generally, for PSR positions, approval of this scenario is required. See the Position Management Policy.
  • For appointment purposes, appointees on temporary appointments will automatically terminate from the payroll effective the beginning of business (B.O.B.) based on the close of business (C.O.B.) date indicated on the appointment form. No additional appointment form is required to terminate such appointee unless the employee is to be extended. If the employee is extended, we will need an appointment form submitted to the office of Human Resources. If the extension grants the appointee a temporary appointment for longer than a one year period - please call the office of Human Resources. Additional documentation or approval may be necessary.