A permanent appointment shall be an appointment of a professional employee in a professional title that is eligible for a permanent
appointment, which shall continue until a change in such title, resignation, retirement, termination, or death.

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A professional employee who serves in a professional title listed in Appendix A, B, or C is not eligible for permanent appointment.

It should be noted however, that, unlike continuing appointments for academic employees that are unaffected by a change in rank, a professional employee holding permanent appointment in a professional title who completes a probationary appointment in a different professional title shall be granted a permanent appointment in the different professional title only and shall not retain the permanent appointment in the former professional title.

  • Part-time service does not count towards permanency.
  • Eligibility for permanent appointment - a professional employee who has completed seven consecutive years of full-time service as a professional employee the last two years of which have been in that title, is eligible for permanent appointment.
  • The seven years of full-time consecutive professional service required for permanent appointment includes full-time temporary appointments.
  • The last two years must be in the same budget title. If an employee has a budget title change in the 6th or 7th year, this will extend the date of permanent appointment.
  • Interruptions of permanency clock: leaves at partial or no pay.
  • Permanent Appointment are recommended by the college President to the Chancellor. The college issues a letter to the appointee indicating that the recommendation was made. The official letter confirming permanent appointment is issued directly to the appointee from the Chancellor;