In the event a term appointment will not be renewed, we must notify the employee in writing that s/he will not be reappointed. Notice dates are based on a few variables.

  • All Part-time employees with a term appointment: Forty-five calendar days before the end of appointment*;
  • Full-time employee with term appointment: Three months before the end of an employee’s first uninterrupted year of service. Six months before the end of an employee’s second but not more than three uninterrupted years of service. Twelve months before the end of a term after two or more years of uninterrupted service
  • Appendix B (1) and B (2) titles: Six months before the end of a term appointment.

*If a part-time temporary employee has worked 4 consecutive semesters, the 5th semester will be a term appointment and the employee will continue to be granted term appointments. If this employee’s service is interrupted for four consecutive semesters, the employee may be given a temporary appointment for reappointment. It is important to review and make timely recommendations for reappointment or non-renewal if the part-timer’s services will not be required for the next academic semester.

The Office of Human Resources makes copies of appointment forms and distributes to departments and offices in the event that we make a correction on the form. Please utilize these copies and update your database or copies of forms you keep in your respective offices/departments. We strongly encourage you to keep copies of all Appointment/Status Change Recommendation forms that you forward to our office.