Members of the Academic Staff

Chair or Other Administrative Designations

  • The members of the academic staff of each college in charge of the departments or divisions of such college shall be designated as chairs of such departments or divisions, which designations shall be in addition to their academic rank. Chairs of departments or divisions of colleges shall be designated and redesignated by the college chief administrative officer after consultation with appropriate faculty including the department or division concerned. Such designation shall be for any period up to three years, and renewable; provided, however, that the college chief administrative officer may relieve a designee of duties as chair at any time.

Classified Service

  • The Classified Service comprises all offices and positions not included in the unclassified service. The offices and positions in the classified service are divided into four classes, that are designated as the: Competitive Class, Exempt Class, Labor Class, and the Non-Competitive Class.

Faculty - Academic Rank

  • Rank held by those members of the professional staff having the titles of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, and assistant instructor, and rank held by members of the professional staff having the titles of librarian, associate librarian, senior assistant librarian, and assistant librarian. Time in these titles counts towards meeting tenure requirements and may hold continuing appointment.

Faculty - Qualified Academic Rank (QAR)

Graduate and Teaching Assistants

  • Members of the academic staff having “qualified academic rank” have all the terms and conditions of similarly appointed staff having “academic rank” except that the time in qualified academic rank does not count towards meeting tenure requirement and appointees to qualified academic rank cannot, by definition, hold continuing appointments. Qualified academic rank is rank held by those members of the academic staff having titles of lecturer, or titles of academic rank preceded by the designations “clinical” or “visiting” or other similar designations.

Management/Confidential (M/C)

  • There shall be such college administrative officers for each college as may be determined by the chief administrative officer of the college with the approval of the Chancellor. Appointments of all college administrative officers and professional staff not in a negotiating unit established pursuant to Article 14 of the Civil Service Law shall be made by the chief administrative officer of the college; such appointments shall be reported to the Chancellor. Persons appointed pursuant to this Title shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing officer or body.



  • Professional employees shall mean an employee in the Professional Services Negotiating Unit , other than an employee with academic or qualified rank.