Human Resources

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SUNY Portal Self Service

Complete your time sheet, change an address, view paychecks, request a W-2 and more.

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Careers @ Brockport

Search for faculty, staff and classified vacancies at the University.

Benefits & Retirement

We provide comprehensive employee benefit programs designed to help keep our faculty and staff and their families healthy, safe, happy, and productive. Our programs also include a variety of components to help employees prepare for their futures.

Paid Holidays

A quick reference guide to the paid holidays for the current year.

Our Services


Discrimination/Harassment Complaints, Affirmative Action Program, American Disabilities Act (ADA), Accommodation Requests


Appointment Transactions, Board of Trustees Policies, Extra Services, Performance Programs/Evaluations, Sabbatical Leaves, Volunteers


Medical, Dental, Vision, Directory of Benefits/Retirement Providers


Employee Recruitment, Advertising, Compensation and Classification, Immigration, Job Descriptions, PageUp, Position Requisitions, Search Committee Information


Coaching, Counseling, Discipline, Contractual Agreements, Performance Management


Consistent with our goal of making SUNY Brockport “A Great Place to Work,” the Recruitment and Retention team conducts confidential Exit Interviews with resigning and retiring faculty and staff members. This process allows us to capture the employee experience and the feedback received may help inform positive change. Once HR is notified that an employee is leaving, the departing individual will receive a link to the exit survey and will be provided with an opportunity to speak with one of our team members. Please review the Who Do I Contact For? section of our website for more information.


Attendance, Timesheets, Direct Deposit, Paycheck Questions