Internal Awards Spring 2021


Pre-Tenure Grants Development Award

Dr. Justin Faller, Department of KSSPE

Project Title: The Effects of An Acute Dose of a Betalain-Rich Concentrate on Running Performance Parameters

Pre-Tenure Grants Development Fenton Endowed Award

Dr. Eric Owusu, Department of Computing Sciences

Project Title: Effects of Culturally Tailored User Interface Design

Provost’s Post-Tenure Fellowship Award:

Dr. Adam Rich, Department of Biology

Project Title: Bridge to External Funding

Dr. Jacques Rinchard, Department of Environmental Science & Ecology

Project Title: Use of fatty acid signatures to assess diet of lake trout from Lake Champlain

Scholarly Incentive Award:

Scholarly Incentive Endowed Vestling – Casey Award

Dr. Christopher Norment, Department of Environmental Science and Ecology

Project Title: Identification of Bacterial Isolates on the Skin of Northern Leopard Frogs

Dr. Kathryn Amatangelo, Department of Science & Ecology

Project Title: European dewberry genetic analysis in Western New York

Dr. Afeez Hazzan, Department of Healthcare Studies

Project Title: Implementation and evaluation of multimodal interventions for quality of life among family caregivers of older adults with a disability

Dr. Pamela Beach, Department of KSSPE

Project Title: Quality of life and related outcomes among unpaid caregivers of older adults with visual impairments

Instructor Tamara Wilcox, Department of Theatre and Music Studies

Project Title: Harpsichord/Women in Music Performance Project

Undergraduate Mini Grant Awards

Student Research Mini Grant:

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Melanie Perreault, Department of KSSPE
Student Awardee: Katriana Belknap
Project Title: Physical Activity and Functional Body Image in Youth with and without Visual Impairments

Faculty/Student Apprenticeship Mini Grant:

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rachel Schultz, Department of Environmental Science & Ecology
Student Awardee: Jarod Ruffle

Project Title: Evaluating the response of wetlands to restoration

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Kramer, Department of History

Student Awardee: Olivia Langa

Project Title: Berkley Folk Music Festival Project

Internal Awards Fall 2020

Pre-Tenure Grants Development Award

Dr. Ka-Wah Wong, Department of Physics

Project Title: X-ray Observations of Black Hole Systems

Dr. Claudette Brown-Smythe, Department of Counselor Education

Project Title: Examining Caribbean Nationals Immigrant Issues: Migration Experiences to the US and Acculturative Stressors During the Transition Process

Pre-Tenure Grants Development Fenton Endowed Award:

Dr. Sarah Saputo, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Project Title:Investigation of therapeutic asthma medications on the virulence properties of the oral pathogen Streptococcus mutans

Provost’s Post Tenure Fellowship Award

Stevie Oakes, Department of Dance
Project Title: Communion: a dance film and video installation project

Scholarly Incentive Award

Dr. Tasneem Zaihra, Department of Mathematics

Project Title: Analyzing Police Stop and Frisks Data from New York State Patrol to Understand Racial Disparities in the Stop and Frisk Policies

Dr. Elizabeth Masarik, Department of History

Project Title: Out of the Realm of Sentiment: Infant Mortality, Single Mothers, and the Formation of the Welfare State

Dr. Kristin Heffernan, Department of Social Work

Project Title: How informed are social workers and mental health counselors in their professional knowledge of working with persons who are transgender

Scholarly Incentive Endowed Vestling-Casey Award

Dr. Christian Wilkens, Department of Education and Human Development

Project Title: Rural Alaska Schools: A Guide for Leadership