About the Scholar & Grants Development Office

The Scholar & Grants Development Office helps the campus community to secure external funding opportunities for scholarship, travel, or program development by:

  • Identifying potential funding opportunities;
  • Obtaining and interpreting funding source/sponsor guidelines and requirements for proposals;
  • Reviewing, approving and submitting proposals to sponsoring agencies;
  • Oversees the Institutional Review Board (IRB);
  • Writing and edting assistance
  • Offering education, training and insight on project development and design; and
  • Partnering with the Research Foundation for budget development, assuring compliance with sponsor and university policies and post-award activity.

Through the process of sponsored research, it is important to remember that the Principal Investigator, the staff of the Scholar and Grants Development Office, and the Research Foundation all have primary responsibilities over the course of the grant cycle. Please note that although a PI is the author of a grant, the award (except in the instance of some fellowships) is made to the Institution, Brockport (as grantee), through our fiscal agent, the Research Foundation of SUNY where the Institution is responsible for carrying all liability.

Due to federal compliance requirements and institutional financial review, all applications for external funding (fellowships, research and service grants and contracts, curricular development awards, travel awards, etc.) must be submitted through the Scholar & Grants Development Office.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Administers Brockport’s competitive internal grant awards for faculty scholarship (Pre-Tenure, Post-Tenure, Scholarly Incentive Award);
  • Administers the Office of Undergraduate Research grants (Faculty Mini Grant, Faculty/Student Apprenticeship Grant, Student Mini Grant).
  • Provides internal funding opportunities for graduate student research (Graduate Student Distinguished Professor Award), and student-presenter travel to academic conferences;
  • Oversees NCUR, SURC, and Scholars Day; and
  • Academic research events on the national, state, and local levels are coordinated by Scholar and Grants Office staff.

Funding Sources